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June 21, 2005

MSN Jumps on the Map Wagon

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According to Marketing Vox, MSN is releasing a beta-version of its local search function. This new function will access Yellow and White page directories for specific regions.

It is projected that local search listings will be mainly utilized by mobile phone users who need information on the fly.

It was also reported that local search is a relatively untapped and lucrative market with great monetary potential.

Eventually, MSN plans on incorporating a new technology which will allow multiple search results to be layered atop a single map, called Virtual Earth.

MSN is not the only search engine interested in mapping technology. Google integrated local mapping search and introduced web pages that are targeted for mobile phone users in an attempt to make searching easier.

Yahoo has partnered with SBC Global Communications, owner of, in an attempt to access the search market as well.

In the mad dash to get a piece of the location mapping pie, we wonder who will be declared the winner?

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