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November 12, 2004

Pure Search Engine Evil: Microsoft vs. Google (Round Two)

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Ever wonder why “sandbox” is such a popular term with search engines? Because when it comes down to it, everyone is still that five year old that has fun kicking sand in peoples’ faces…

In retaliation for Google ranking Microsoft as the #1 result for “more evil than Satan” in 1999 (as a result of prankster Google-bombing), the new MSN Search Beta ranks Google in the #1 slot for “more evil than Satan”.

Plus, MSN is also listing Google #1 for evil search engine. However, even MSN has to rank Microsoft #1 for “evil corporation”. In the end, only time will tell who is more evil. Right now, Google is ranked #1, but Microsoft is running a close #2.

Here’s my vote: Microsoft is most definitely the more evil search engine and corporation if for nothing else than making me waste time doing ridiculous searches on their new engine. By the way, much thanks to Danny Sullivan for the welcome diversion on a Friday afternoon.

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