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October 5, 2005

Save Jeeves!

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There is a movement growing to save the butler from his untimely demise. The decision to send Jeeves into leisurely retirement was made last month (strangely, during the midst of an ad campaign aimed at emphasizing the Ask Jeeves brand.)

But many do not want Jeeves to go the way of the dinosaur and one of them has begun a blog. Claiming to be a former employee of the company, the anonymous blogger is issuing a call to arms for all those who would like to see the butler stay around. The author says that he “survived the best of times and the worst of times in the company — and saw so many layoffs it would make your head spin. But through it all, [he] kept faith in the butler, and that faith was always rewarded.”

Arguments for keeping the old chap around range from “well, why not?” to “he’s fun” to “Jeeves offers a personal touch.”

Me? I just like English butlers and if we can’t have Jeeves, can we please have Alfred instead?

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