Time-Saving Tips for Small Business SEO

We all could use a few more hours in the day, but right about now with summer calling, some extra free time is more seductive than usual.

If you’re a small business DIY marketer this goes extra for you. With all those hats on, how are you ever going to get a moment in the sunshine? Perhaps some time-saving tips for your online marketing will spare you time for a barbecue or a trip to the beach with your kids while they’re on summer break.

You spend enough time wearing multiple hats. Get a little more time in the sun with these time-saving SEO tips.
Hit these five SEO tasks to maximize efficiency and you’ll be working smarter instead of harder this summer.

Check out and address issues from Bing’s SEO Reports in Webmaster Tools.

With the Phoenix Update, a new addition to Bing Webmaster Tools gives verified domains direct SEO recommendations: “Using approximately 15 SEO best practices to scan against, it prepares a report to tell you if you are in or out of compliance with the noted best practices.” When you get instructions for site improvements straight from Bing, you know you’re putting energy toward the most pressing SEO issues.

Watch Google SEO for startups in 10 minutes.

Maile Ohye, a Googler whose role as a liaison to the SEO community has made her a familiar friendly face at Internet marketing conferences, has a knack for explaining technical requirements in plain language. She shares a nuts-and-bolts approach to Internet optimization in a recent video on the Google Webmasters channel on YouTube. Included are tips for site design, site copy, setting conversion goals and finding your audience online. She also touches on social media marketing and generating buzz that will spark search interest and traffic in its own right. It’s 10 minutes containing the most important considerations for your site and business’s web presence. Addressing these issues establishes a strong foundation and puts you in a solid competitive position online.

Attend SEOToolSet Training and get familiar with tools to do some of the heavy lifting analysis.

Not all the answers to your optimization questions will be answered directly by the search engines. Research, analysis and strategizing is required. In standard training Bruce concentrates the most effective online tactics learned in 15 years of SEO experience into 3 days. The next SEO training in Southern California is July 15 through 20. If you’ve never been to LA in the summertime, this is the excuse you didn’t need.

In the advanced training course Bruce teaches attendees how to use the SEOToolSet to take informed action in optimizing your site. Tools are always improving to be the most useful SEO diagnostic tools on the market. In our recent update to our Keyword Tools we changed our keyword data provider from Microsoft KSP API Beta to Microsoft AdCenter API v8. With this users get faster and more reliable access to keyword data and more accurate and complete data sets for keywords.

Local businesses focus on local SEO.

When you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck, step one is talking to the right audience. If you’re a local business the relevant audience most likely to convert is made up of the people in your area. Make sure your keywords, content, website and general web presence has a laser focus on the region you serve. Looking at your site and social media profiles it should be obvious where you’re located. Rather than using a megaphone, have personal, meaningful conversations with those around you. Along with this, be sure you’re following all the best practices of local listings.

While the Google+ Local platform is new (it replaced Google Places) the best practices for local SEO are the same. Maintain a consistent business name, address and phone number across the web. Submit as much rich media, like photos and videos, as makes sense. And encourage user reviews.

Stay in shape.

Just like getting your beach body ready, performing regular maintenance is always less work than reacting in crisis mode. By setting aside a few minutes a day to reply to comments and messages to your social media pages, to add a few photos to your local profile, to write a helpful blog post for your community, to tweet a few insider tips to your consumers… you’ll be maintaining an active and useful online presence that feels effortless.

Now go make the most of this moment. Get yourself to the barbecue. Happy Fourth of July!

Virginia Nussey is the director of content marketing at MobileMonkey. Prior to joining this startup in 2018, Virginia was the operations and content manager at Bruce Clay Inc., having joined the company in 2008 as a writer and blogger.

See Virginia's author page for links to connect on social media.

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3 Replies to “Time-Saving Tips for Small Business SEO”

Great post. Small businesses don’t have too much money to take help from SEO specialist. So they have to do their SEO by themselves. The post is really helpful for the small business owners. I can feel it as once I was an entrepreneur and I had to struggle hard with my website’s SEO.

Thanks for the great tips V! I particularly liked the analogy of the last one. Haha.. I think that SEO companies and clients should read through this because it’s very useful. I’ve been working for a SEO company (www.digitalmoz.com) for some time now and yet, I feel like there’s still a lot of information that I don’t know. This just means that we need to be constantly informed by the trends and developments so that we’ll always be on top.

The “Watch Google SEO for startups in 10 minutes.” is very useful. The most important thing a search engine optimizer has to do. Even I have been in this industry for so many years, still a lot of things need to learn.


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