10 Reasons You Should Enter Our Small Biz Discovery Contest

Hey, did you know our Small Biz Discovery Contest is live and the cutoff date for entries is July 19? That’s one week away. Surely you can set aside a little time for nearly $3,000 in prizes and other rewards that go along with it like education, networking, recognition and some well-deserved fun, right? ‘Cause if you procrastinated until the contest closed, you wouldn’t have a chance at receiving all the benefits we’re offering for simply sharing your ideas on the following question:

Small Biz Local Discovery Contest logo

How would you advise a small business owner on how best to use SEO, PPC or social media to drive conversions to a local business?

Still not convinced you’re ready to write your entry? Here’s 10 reasons why you should enter our Small Biz Discovery Contest:

  1. Win nearly $3,000 in prizes as the grand prize winner. If you take the cake, you get an all-access pass to SMX East in New York City plus Bruce’s one-day SEO training at the conference venue, valued at $2,895 full price. And if you’re already on the East Coast, you don’t even have travel expenses, for cryin’ out loud.
  2. Don’t just read our coverage of the sessions; attend them. Even though we’re pretty darn good at liveblogging, you simply can’t replace the education you receive live and in person at SMX conferences. You’ll get more clarity on the topics and won’t miss all the fun things that happen in sessions that we just don’t have a chance to type (hey, we’re not court reporters, give us a break).
  3. Go to conference parties, make great contacts. Let’s face it, these conference things are just an alibi for what Internet marketers are really interested in: partying. Don’t miss out on the chance to act a fool network with all the other marketer cronies, and perhaps make some lasting contacts in your business community that can lead to great opportunity. Check out SMX’s Meet & Greet to kick off the event, and keep watch for some of the other organized bashes that week.
  4. Do NYC stuff. Eat bagels, get pizza, catch a Broadway show, buy a designer knock-off bag from the guy on the corner – do something, for God’s sake – it’s New York! Stay a couple extra days with the cash you saved on SMX East fees and be a tourist … promise you won’t be bored.
  5. Hang out with cool BCI peeps in The Big Apple. Bruce Clay, Virginia Nussey, Shannon Poole and Jessica Lee. We are fun. Need I say more?
  6. Grab a bunch of random schwag you’ll never use. Why on earth would you expose your office space to all this stuff? ‘Cause some days, you just need chatzkis. I mean, just look at all the amazing stuff we’ve brought back over the years from conferences:
  7. Conference Schwag

  8. Win a seat in Bruce’s three-day SEO training class. Category winners have a spot open to them at any time in our SEO classroom. Valued at $1,795, this is face-to-face training is from the man who wrote the book on SEO (literally), Bruce Clay. Plus you receive a 12-month subscription to the new version of the SEOToolSet® (more than $1,000 in subscription value alone). You also get a copy of our book. Which brings me to the next point:
  9. Get your signed copy of “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One for Dummies.” Folks, this may very well be a collector’s item now that co-author Susan Esparza is leaving the world of Internet marketing. Category winners will receive a copy of the book signed by Bruce and Susan. It’s a great reference tool as a refresher on fundamentals or when you have questions on strategy that need an immediate answer. If you have no interest in the book as reading material, here’s all the other ways you can put it to use in your daily life.
  10. Receive cutting-edge education for free. Learn new ideas for your Internet marketing plans, solve unanswered problems and discover challenges and opportunities in what lies ahead in Internet marketing at SMX East. And at Bruce Clay’s training, whether it’s the three-day course or the one-day conference class, you’ll experience SEO wisdom straight from one of the founders of SEO. Plus, the SEOToolSet presents unique data you won’t find elsewhere that helps you make critical decisions on your Internet marketing campaigns.
  11. Get recognition and create powerful relationships. Who doesn’t want to share all their great ideas for small business success online? Now is your chance to demonstrate some winning concepts. As a contestant and winner of the Small Biz Discovery Contest, you’ll have a promotion powerhouse behind you. You’ll even secure an interview on Bruce Clay, Inc.’s podcast, SEM Synergy. Last year’s grand prize winner, Brent Rangen of Optimize Guyz, had this to say in a recent interview with us:

“Don’t hold back! The 2010 contest did more for my business than I could have ever dreamed it would. The Bruce Clay training, full conference pass, SEOToolSet membership, and the recognition helped me get where I am today. Not only that, several of the contacts I made at the conference last year are still fruitful for me a year later. It’s well worth the time to participate and give it everything you can!”

(Brent, we appreciate you and admire what you’re doing for the Internet marketing industry and your clients!)

In fact, we’re grateful to know all the talented people who enter our contests, and consider them forever part of our community. And sometimes these professional relationships are the most invaluable prize of all. So, who’s next?

Enter our Small Biz Discovery Contest — Local Edition — today!

Jessica Lee is the founder and chief creative for bizbuzzcontent Inc., a marketing boutique that focuses on digital content strategy and professional writing services for businesses.

See Jessica's author page for links to connect on social media.

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16 Replies to “10 Reasons You Should Enter Our Small Biz Discovery Contest”

I’m bummed I missed it! I’m on Staten Island so I totally would have been down to join. Thanks for the great info though even though I found it too late!

Well, next time! Will you be a SMX East?

Louis Girifalco

Cool it bro, I didn’t do it B-)

Quit breakin’ stuff Louis.

Louis Girifalco

I will be submitting my article asap! Can’t wait to get some feedback on my ideas :D

Oh good – we can’t wait to read it! Thank you for participating!

Louis Girifalco

Hello Jessica,

I submitted my article yesterday but did not receive a confirmation email. I just want to make sure that my document made it into the correct inbox.

I sent it to social-bc@bruceclay.com


Oh no! Not to worry, we’ll wait for your resubmission. Weird it didn’t come through. Please CC jlee@bruceclay.com this time. Thanks, look forward to it!

Louis Girifalco

I sent an email to that address as well. :/

Haha, I love the crazy-eyed frog and angry sumo. That’s reason enough right there!

#11 – Bragging rights – I suppose that could go hand in hand with #1.

Who doesn’t love a good angry sumo? No. 11 noted! Thanks, Brent!

Anything would be awesome if held in NYC.

Oh my gosh – I think I heart the blow up sumo wrestler. I may have to enter just for that! Although hangin’ with you all in NYC would be pretty awesome too ;-)

That blow-up sumo does stuff, too. It comes with a remote control, but I’ve never fired it up personally. We’d love to hang with you — enter!

It’s on its way! yay!


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