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August 16, 2005

So how big is your index?

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Just in case we were all ready to fall under the spell of ‘bigger means better’ that all this Yahoo vs. Google squabbling about index size can cast, Barry points to a very good reminder that it is relevancy not size that counts.

MSN, it seems, is indexing Ask Jeeves SERPs. But wait there’s more. Not only are they indexing AJ’s SERPs they’re also indexing their own. Check out Search Engine Roundtable for screenshots. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

See? Now, just a little message to MSN. Guys? Really, you don’t have to stuff pages in to make us respect you. Giving back results that matter is much better. So figure out how to block those pages from being indexed and don’t try to claim them in a catch up battle with Yahoo and Google. It’s all nonsense anyway.

I promise, I’ll respect you more in the morning.

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