Stop Avoiding Social Media and Read This

The Bruce Clay, Inc. blog is a veritable treasure trove of useful information (almost 2,500 posts since its inception!). I know this because I did a little digging on the topic of social media and found about 50 posts on the topic in the past year. I’ve been categorizing these posts into buckets of social media info, and today I thought I’d share a roundup of some posts that provide tips for businesses — large and small — that are looking to finally take the plunge into social media and how to start. Enjoy!


Big Business <3 Social Media Forever: In this guest post by Tracy Falke of Freestyle Interactive, the topic of integrating social media into large business is discussed, along with the uncertainties these businesses face with what might happen to their brands. Tracy talks creating a strong foundation for social media using basic marketing and PR objectives with a little bit of social and SEO savvy.

Social Media Strategy, What’s That?: Guest author Kaila Strong of Vertical Measures discusses launching social media plans for small business, and gives resources for putting together a strategy and finding those niche social mediums that might be more suited for a business over just Facebook or Twitter.

The Life of the Party: Internet Marketer Style: You’ve decided to venture into social media, but your social skills are a little rusty. This post gives tips on how to turn from social media dud into social media stud through small actions that can make a big difference to your online community.

Sorry, but Social Media Is Not Like an Old Friend: Bring personality. Add something special to the conversation. Cultivate meaningful relationships. These points and more are discussed in this post tackling how to approach social media in a way that keeps your network engaged and your contributions meaningful.

Why Social Media is Like Getting Out of a Warm Bed: Many businesses have convinced themselves that they’re just not ready to stand up and give full attention to social media. But, those that aren’t planning social media any time soon are sure to fall behind their competition. This post builds a case of why it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, and gives tips on how to start social media marketing for business.

Baseball and the Social Experience: Why You’re Willing to Pay $7 for a Beer and What Businesses Can Learn: Social media and conversions can go hand-in-hand. This post touches on the social experience and brand loyalty, and how that can directly affect the bottom line.

Jessica Lee is the founder and chief creative for bizbuzzcontent Inc., a marketing boutique that focuses on digital content strategy and professional writing services for businesses.

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7 Replies to “Stop Avoiding Social Media and Read This”

I like “Why Social Media is Like Getting Out of a Warm Bed”. Some of my customers in Malaysia don’t want to do Social Media Marketing and their business closed.

Social media is NOW, it is not FUTURE!

Thank you, Kent — good to hear from you on the blog. Is social media gaining popularity for business in Malaysia?

Hi Jessica, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube are getting popular but not the way they use it to do social media marketing.

Social marketing needs determination and patient, but some of social marketers spam, tag and hard selling on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. I believe it doesn’t work anymore. I believe we need to change our mindset here. And I really hope that Bruce Clay can open a branch here to educate Malaysians! :)

Thank you for the insight, Kent. Always interested in hearing how Internet marketing is shaping up worldwide. :) And who knows where our offices will pop up next!

Thanks Jessica. Yup, who knows! :)

By the way, inspired by Bruce Clay, I am doing the same thing on my website. When you look at the Newsletter section. I read all of your newsletters.

Kindly give some comment! :)

Great resources Jessica. We just presented on Social Media Mishaps to the Chamber of Commerce social media event here in Minnesota yesterday. I wish I would have some of these resources to include.

My main focus was creating a contingency plan and a social media policy for employees.

I think in our small town a lot of businesses still refuse to get on social channels because they are afraid of not succeeding, having to dedicate too much time, or doing something wrong.

Awww, man — a day late and a dollar short … or something. I bet our readers would love to hear your insight on creating social media policies and plans for business. I smell a guest post! Thank for your feedback, Brent!


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