Why I have quit Twitter

Recently I have seen a lot of posts about how ‘big’ twitter is getting (I was a pretty early adopter due to the [SEO](http://www.bruceclay.com.au/web_rank.htm) industry I work in). It is also interesting to see people comment on the rate of growth of Twitter all while my personal use of this network drops off rapidly.
So why the decline in my interest in Twitter?
Twitter, like an extra strong cup of coffee, gives you a massive buzz up front, but leaves you feeling distracted and short tempered for the rest of the day. The buzz I used to get from Twitter was like connecting to an infinitely wide network of people who related and enjoyed the same type of media consumption that I did. One of Twitter’s initial appeals for me was the fact that I could connect with fellow search junkies and social media mavens any time via my browser, iPhone, tweetdeck etc. Logging on and having the news as filtered by my twitter stream, rather than a Sydney Morning Herald editor was refreshing and relevant.
So why is twitter doomed to be J.A.S.N (just another social network)?
Just like Facebook, people will bastardise anything once it reaches a certain size. Twitter is going through its ‘facebook app’ equivalent stage, you know that period when everyone wanted to play you in poker, dungeons and dragons or any other of the myriad of annoying time wasting games available to the avid procrastinator. [This](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_q9gKpS_JOtk/SfaCMy9ywvI/AAAAAAAAAfA/vjhl05NS2zw/s1600-h/Twitter+_+Myer+Centre+Car+Park++The+Myer+Centre+Car+Park+B+….png) [is](http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_q9gKpS_JOtk/Sfbizp-VMiI/AAAAAAAAAfY/Rf59232CqN8/s1600-h/Picture+2.png) [the](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_q9gKpS_JOtk/SfaKlBDgVoI/AAAAAAAAAfQ/rVKsqdVClAk/s1600-h/Twitter+_+Wotif.com++Get+excited…+to+sweeten+….png) future of twitter, more brands are starting to spam you about products and offering they hope you will find relevant.
But brands aren’t the only ones who are sabotaging the beauty of Twitter, no sir, just like the hole in the ozone layer above Australia, we are all to blame. As Twitter catches on and people follow their friends they will be introduced to an intimate level of understanding about the everyday exploits of people they would ordinarily catch up with infrequently. Is this really what we want? Face it, just because I am your mate does not mean I need to know you are “on the bus” / “eating a sandwich” / “on the loo”. I don’t want to know people! Hence my new conclusion that my real world friends are not as interesting as the industry leaders for [blogging](http://www.problogger.net/), [social media](http://www.socialmediatoday.com/), [tech news](http://mumbrella.com.au/).
Once the percentage of my twitter stream tweets turned from experts / evangelists to tweets on sandwiches, this social network becomes less vital to my morning routine. But what is the solution? It is rude to unfollow mates; imagine the scandal “didn’t you see my update on twitter, I can’t make lunch at 12!” So now, rather than being a source of interesting internet highlights, Twitter is a clogged up stream of ‘too much information’ and many social faux pas
twitter picture 1
Twitter as a ticket to play
Our famous microblogging engine has (almost) become the norm and so we watch it descend from its noisy heights into one more internet website you need to monitor for your company / brand / social life.
Twitter is now a “ticket to play” in the social media sandpit; the leverage opportunities are limited and while most brands will jump on the bandwagon trying to be the first to market to leverage the ever growing traffic opportunities, most will be left cold as the wave washes on by.
twitter picture 2
The solution is to be one step ahead, remember that while social media platforms come and go, your message, if it’s a good one, can have a lasting effect. So Twitter become just one more social media breadcrumb box to tick. Are you anticipating the next big thing your company can be preparing for?
So what is next?
The solution to my problems with Twitter is [Foursquare](http://playfoursquare.com/), a new social media network that plugs into Yelp so that you can geo-target your posts to different GPS locations. I am not saying this is going to grow massive overnight; I am making the point that this social network will help ME with my problems on Twitter. What’s going to help you with yours? Answering this problem might help you figure out where to put your social media resources next..While Foursquare is not available here in Sydney we will hopefully see its expansion soon.

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