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June 14, 2005

Yahoo News Beats Google News in Michael Jackson Case

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It seems that the Michael Jackson “not guilty” verdict is rampant and inescapable and my blog entry today continues in that vein. In an article by Gary Price of Search Engine Watch, Gary discusses the fact that Yahoo news beat Google news in revealing the outcome of the Jackson case.

Yahoo introduced the story at 4:00 PM (Eastern time) and Google broke the story 27 minutes later. The actual verdict was released on Yahoo at 5:19 PM and on Google at 5:41 PM.

While this might be somewhat insignificant for Google readers (as they found out about the verdict eventually), in the bigger picture, it addresses the potential problems with Google’s use of automation in deciding what will make news headlines and what won’t.

Yahoo, on the other hand, relies on the tried and true method of human man-power in deciding their news headlines and stories and in this instance, it looks as if the human way of doing things proved fruitful.

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