After previous SEO companies failed, Bruce Clay guides this established manufacturer of industrial weighing systems to its highest organic traffic levels ever.


The client, an established U.S. manufacturer of industrial weighing systems, was suffering from lost rankings and dwindling organic search traffic. And they didn’t know why.

Several previous SEO companies had not been able to produce results. When they came to Bruce Clay, they were down 30 percent in year-over-year organic traffic and desperate for answers.


  1. Diagnosed what was going on: Assessing why traffic had slipped, we pinpointed some problems with the site’s user experience, internal linking, and content quality.
  2. Audited internal links: A technical SEO step involved making sure link anchor text and targets were optimized correctly.
  3. Content improvements: We recommended several ways to raise content quality site wide and helped with on-page revisions.
  4. Managed site hacks: We discovered that their MODX content management system was vulnerable to hacking. Three times we stepped in to help them recover from hacks, which can affect rankings.


Following our SEO consulting advice, the client started seeing results in the fourth month, and they’ve never looked back.

Organic search traffic reached the highest levels ever for the company within 9 months. Growth has continued. Organic traffic is up more than 100 percent compared to two years ago, when the SEO project began.

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