WATCH: Ask the SEO Expert

On-Demand Live Q&A with Bruce Clay

Watch the “Father of SEO” answer SEO questions and give his expert advice to help you improve your SEO campaign. Be sure to watch all the way through — your questions may have been answered!


0:00 – Introduction
5:17 – How can YouTube shorts drive views to your website?
8:01 – We have a vehicle parts store with 450,000 pages. Our customers can create profile pages and post images, vehicle specifications and descriptions. Currently, there are 100,000 profile pages that are noindexed. Profile pages have a lot of traffic opportunity, but we are concerned about the negative impact on the rest of the site if we index user profiles.
10:30 – We manage an Ecommerce store, most product pages and product landing pages
have multiple paths of discovery. Because of this we are displaying 2 set of breadcrumbs on the page and in the schema. Google says this is ok but we are a little skeptical. Have you seen multiple breadcrumbs preform well?
15:21 – Is there a recommended maximum number of links you would recommend for a web page?
19:16 – We’ve done great site speed increases but aren’t seeing many ranking improvements … Are we expecting too much?
26:33 – How will ChatGPT and Bard impact SEO?
39:30 –
46:50 – How do you utilize SEO effectively in a world that is heavily shifting towards paid media like Google Ads?
32:29 –
42:03 – Do you have any tips for creating service pages for multiple locations?
57:22 – There is a new position with my company to focus on SEO. Our site is structured like
As a small team, what should the #1 focus area be in our SEO strategy for a multi-location business?
1:00:40 – I am finishing your SEO book for Dummies 700+ pages with Susan Esparza. It was written in 2009. It still seems very relevant still with foundations. Is there something else I can read that is more current? Or other content to visit?
1:04:33 – What is the best way to get started with SEO?
1:10:45 – In a pillar/cluster content model, do you try to interlink your clusters as much as possible (without coming off spammy, obviously)? And are hyperlinks the way you connect back to your main landing pages (categories)?
1:14:41 – Wrap up

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