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August 2006 - Page 2 of 5 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

August 23, 2006

Search News Goes International

Ready to take a trip around the world? Let’s go! More Trouble in Brazil for Google Google and Brazil have long had a troubled past (see here and here) regarding Google’s social site Orkut, but now Google has pushed the Brazilians too far. Reuters reports that Brazilian prosecutors have asked a judge for permission to […]

What Comes First: PPC or SEO?

SEO and PPC – many site owners will choose to use them in tandem, but when you’re just starting out, which should you focus on first? Creating a site that’s optimized or bringing in immediate traffic and revenue to your site? According to a recent Wilson Web article written by iPlenus Solutions’ Director of Web […]

SEO trends to watch out for

Search Engine Guide’s Scott Buresh and Bigmouthmedia must be in cahoots because they released identical SEM trends and predictions within nine hours of each other. Kinda freaky, right? Especially since we don’t usually see posts like this for another… four months or so. Both articles make the same five trend predictions (with slightly different wording): […]

August 22, 2006

Things of Note

eBay’s getting racy If you’re hosting contextual eBay ads on your site, now may be a good time to go take a look at them and see if they’re appropriate to your site or if they’re the kind of ads that will get people a little hot and bothered. Barry Schwartz got a little surprise […]

SEO Advice: Accept That People Go Crazy Over Matt Cutts

Let’s be honest here, when Matt Cutts talks we listen blog. But it’s not because we’re Matt-obsessed (well not entirely…), it’s because he’s prone to saying some pretty smart things. GoogleGuy Google’s Guy wrote a great post yesterday entitled SEO Advice: Writing useful articles that readers will love that touches on two very important SEO […]

August 21, 2006

The AOL Fallout Continues

Two weeks after AOL published private search log data from more than 600,000 users, the researcher responsible for the breach, as well as the researcher’s supervisor and Chief Technology Officer Maureen Govern have been fired. AOL Digital Services President John McKinley, who Govern replaced last year, will take over as interim CTO until a permanent […]

Google’s 11-Month Run Comes to an End

Newly released ComScore data reveals that Google’s U.S. market share dropped one percent during July, officially ending its consecutive 11-month run of search share gain. Aww. Does this mean Google is on the decline? Should users start abandoning ship? Is Yahoo! about to take over the search world? What’s that? The sky’s falling? Don’t be […]

Weekend Round-Up – Shape Up, Ask

What have you yodel’d or yahoo’d? Yahoo! has sparked up an interesting advertising campaign asking users to submit their own “Yahoo! has changed” video. Unlike Google, they’re encouraging users to use the Yahoo! brand name as a verb. While the still-cluttered Yahoo! homepage doesn’t impress me much, these videos are great and will hopefully become […]

August 18, 2006

Friday Recap 08/18/2006

Jumping right in, MSN is quickly crawling at a moderate pace up the Which-Engine-Does-Lisa-Like-The-Most ladder, only it has nothing to do with the quality of their SERPS and is only partially related to my growing love for Msndude. They’ve made their way into my good graces by recognizing that a girl’s love for ice cream […]

August 17, 2006

Don’t Be Famous; Be Useful

It’s a slow news day out there in the blogosphere so I’m venturing off a bit. Nick Wilson says for every four core topic posts I get one “off topic” post. Well, this is that post. Let’s talk, okay? I’m a little dismayed at the blog snobbery going on lately. A few of my favorite […]

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