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September 2010 - Page 2 of 3 - Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog

September 17, 2010

Friday Recap: Last Dance Edition

girl dancing on beach

Have I told you lately that I love you? Yeah, all you wonderful readers who brighten my day every time I see a tweet go by with a link to a post or a thoughtful comment left on the blog. I know I didn’t say it enough in my two years as blogger here at Bruce Clay, Inc., but you guys, this industry, my friends are amazing.

Enough sappy for right now. How’s about some recappy?

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September 16, 2010

Break Out of Your (Brand) Silos

Crayon Tips

What happens when a company has several different products, services, brands and departments, but needs to maintain the integrity of the brand companywide? It’s a common problem: marketing tries to be the glue that holds the brand together, but without organizational support, that glue ends up being more like a Band-Aid® that will eventually fall off to reveal the deep-seated scar in strategy.

David Aaker, one of my favorite authorities on branding strategy, is a well-known author and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. I ran across a video lecture of his about spanning silos. Silos, in this case, isn’t referring to the Bruce Clay methodology of grouping content on your website, it’s about the different components within a business and how they can make or break a brand.

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September 15, 2010

Accept No SEO Substitutes


If I told you that you could have the body of your dreams in five minutes and all you’d feel is a pinch, would you do it? Would you believe it? Or would you recognize it’s too good to be true?

Too bad no one’s buying it. The guy looks like a plastic Ken doll that’s been zapped in a microwave. And it’s all thanks to synthol, a substance injected directly into the muscle to give the appearance of a lifetime of pumping iron. Synthol is a site enhancement oil, or SEO.

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September 14, 2010

With a Heart Full of Thanks, One Blogger’s Farewell

Virginia Nussey and Bruce Clay

When you write for a living, you start to take for granted the ability to find the right words. I’ve used words to interview top experts in specialty fields, to relate exciting professional accomplishments and to share my life happenings with interested people around the world. I’ve used words to tell stories, to communicate ideas, and to befriend extraordinary members of the SEM community.

So it’s a strange feeling right now to be wrestling with words, to be unsure of the words that will do justice to this particular moment. I suppose that when words fail, one can only rely on instincts and feelings to guide them. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the readers who have found value in my words, who have shared their own stories and insights and who have, along the way, touched my life.

It’s with mixed emotions that I report my final day as blogger and podcaster at Bruce Clay, Inc. is Friday. My time at this company has been full of lessons, surprises and proud achievements. I discovered skills I never knew I had. I count passions that I never before imagined. I’m smarter, savvier and feel more successful than I’ve ever been. All because of this company and this community and you, the reader.

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September 13, 2010

What We Want, What We Need and What’s Best for the Bottom Line

classic family watching tv

Quick poll! What’s the most played out genre on TV? Question two: What shows have you been watching this summer?

Ah ha! If you’re like most Americans, the answers to the questions above are the same. Reality TV was reported as both the most overdone and most watched offering on the small screen this summer, according to respondents of a TiVo survey. I’m guilty myself. Ask me and I’ll tell you that reality TV is cheap junk proliferating because it’s easy to make and consume, yet making people dumber by the episode. But what were my go to shows for the season? Why, the very refined America’s Got Talent and Wipeout. (I’ll just be over here turning red.) [I was watching Leverage, Psych, White Collar and [cough] Ice Road Truckers. —Susan]

In unpacking the reality TV contradiction, it’s worth remembering that people often say they want one thing while their behavior proves otherwise. As humans, we’re commonly out of touch with our needs or an awareness of what would make us happy. As a business, it’s imperative to recognize that sometimes the customer is just plain wrong before you go chasing after their requests.

But at the same time, there are missed opportunities in playing it safe. In the Times report of the reality TV duality, one network exec said, “There has been a little tendency, because we all have things that are working in the summer, for people to play the hand they have […] to just maintain the audience flow we have, rather than risk losing it altogether.”

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September 10, 2010

Friday Recap: Linguistic Trip Edition


Holla if you’re hyped for the weekend! Let’s light it off with a recap.

With summer mostly behind us, you’ll probably be storing away the barbecue soon. But don’t let that stop you from juicy, fire-grilled goodness. Matt McGee shared the Consumer Reports ratings for the best burgers in the country. I’m definitely on board the In-N-Out wagon but I’ll admit my curiosity is tickled by Five Guys Burgers and Fries. May be time for a burger throw down? [Research trip! —Susan]

It’s also time to roast Sarah Palin for introducing the non-word “refudiate” into the American lexicon. One of the summer’s most searched for “words” is a blend of “refute” and “repudiate” and is finding favor with supporters of the former Alaska governor. Although, it isn’t likely to join hybrids like “blog” and “guesstimate” in the dictionary, according to Merriam-Webster.

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September 9, 2010

Google Instant Search

After recent rumours, Google is today rolling out instant search. This means search results change as people type out their queries. Google dynamically displays results as you type and suggested or predictive search queries in the search bar, so you can hit enter at any time. You can also scroll through the dropdowns and see […]

The New PR: Reputation Management Online


The Internet: giving the Average Joe the power to weigh in on your brand. Like it or not, the Internet is now one of the most powerful public opinion tools available. Never before has word of mouth had so much impact as quickly as it does online. That means, as businesses, we must respond faster than ever before.

The thing we have to remember about public relations, online or not, is that it’s public relations. Traditional PR by trade focuses on maintaining a company’s relationship with its various publics, much different than marketing and advertising. Publics by definition of traditional PR is people who hold some stake in your company. Think employees, stockholders, consumers, community groups and so on.

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SEO Hot Tub – 27th August 2010

It’s that time again! Bruce Clay Australia’s SEO Hot Tub has delivered a host of new SEO tidbits for all to enjoy. The major topics covered in this session were Google real time search, Facebook places, Bing powering Yahoo! search results and some good stuff about optimisation. Google Real Time search Google real time search […]

September 8, 2010

SEO Training Course Updated; Deep Discounts for Returning Students

seotoolset training course logo

In 1999, Bruce Clay started sharing his white hat SEO methodology and the SEOToolSet suite of proprietary diagnostic tools on a major scale. The SEOToolSet training course, formulated by one of the industry’s founding fathers has educated thousands of business and marketing professionals on the science and art of SEO.

And so we’re excited to announce that former students of any of Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEO training classes is extended a VIP 25% discount for the newly updated SEO training. Any student who took the SEOToolSet Training course or Bruce Clay’s SEO training at a conference before July 2010 is eligible for the discount through our just-announced Student Loyalty Program. The fully updated and expanded course includes a subscription to and instruction for SEOToolSet® Version 5.

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