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October 30, 2013

Get to Know Bruce Clay — Lifetime Achievement Award Illuminates a Long History in Tech

Bruce Clay receives lifetime achievement award

Fondly known to the search marketing industry as a founding father of SEO, Bruce received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence in Vision, Execution and Market Influence in the Practice of Search Marketing. As founder and president of Bruce Clay, Inc., a global Digital marketing agency founded in 1996, he accepted the honor earlier this month at the annual digital marketing conference Bend WebCAM in Bend, Oregon.

Everyone who works with Bruce knows a man whose passion for the business of SEO runs the full spectrum. Bruce gets a thrill from the technical workings of algorithms and the science of gaining rankings. Bruce has a knack for listening to the stories of business owners and matching their needs to creative solutions. Bruce is a people person energized by the larger-than-life personalities that fill industry gatherings — his own to be counted among them. And every person who has ever worked at Bruce Clay, Inc. knows that Bruce cares for employees like family and takes a deep and genuine interest in supporting their personal and professional success. And so we compiled a slideshow to showcase some of Bruce’s personal side.

Get to know Bruce Clay, a guy who cares about SEO and employees, an industry pioneer. Read more.

July 18, 2011

Competitions for Social Media – the dangerous waters we carelessly tread

As social networks continue to grow, online competitions are being used more often as a mechanism to encourage people to follow a brand. As these online competitions become more popular, people are being faced with something they’re not so used to in our world of instant gratification; patience. You win a movie ticket – that […]

May 28, 2010

What I learnt at Bruce Clay

Goodbye Bruce Clay

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. — Dr. Seuss Alas, this will be my final blog post at Bruce Clay Australia. My time at Bruce Clay has been excellent and I will miss the team heaps. Enough with the sentimentality, it’s time to get on with the show. Photo by xJasonRogersx via […]

May 19, 2010

April Search Updates

Search Updates

Welcome to our monthly SEO update for April 2010. This update highlights key news in the SEO industry during April 2010, key SEO related blog posts from our bloggers in the US and Australia, key articles covered in our global newsletter and key podcasts from our Webmaster radio show. Photo by Per Ola Wiberg ~ […]

May 12, 2010

SEO sharing session

sharing session

Once again our team of analysts have combed the various SEO, online marketing, SEM and other geeky resources on the web and have come up with a few highlights for the past month. Photo by Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons SEOMOZ-“The Definitive How-To Guide For Conversion Rate Optimization” Conversion rate optimization is… Finding out why […]

May 7, 2010

Google unveils two new innovations

Google sidebar

Wow the big G has been busy lately, rolling out this, debuting that. Two of the newest innovations that have been revealed are the new keyword data within Google webmaster tools and a redesign of the Google homepage, not only in the US for chrome users but now in Australia for most browser users, most […]

April 27, 2010

Comment to your heart's desire

We have been having some periodic problems with the commenting system at the BCA blog. I think we have just about cracked the problem, so comment away all you fantastic readers.

April 23, 2010

SMX Sydney 2010 | Site Clinic

The last session of the day and my back is thankful for that. Here are some great insights from the site clinic: URL’s should be short and descriptive, not full of unknown parameters Have text behind an image Use header tags Don’t use session id’s 404 error page could be improved Make sure www […]

Real Time Search, User Generated Content and Social Networks | Greg Grothuas

Greg starts off by showing us a real-time result for the volcano in Iceland. Real time is shown for a small fraction of queries when Google thinks it’s relevant. You can also get the real time results by clicking on the latest result within the more options section of the google search page. New feature […]

LAMP & Microsoft Stacks | SMX Sydney | David Cropley

Stacks generally serve internet pages. Lets find out how modifying stacks can make sites load faster, it’s all about speed. Microsoft Stacks The IIS SEO toolkit is a great place to start with people using IIS, it will allow you to get a better understanding of your site from an SEO perspective Use viewstates ( […]

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