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April 27, 2010

Comment to your heart's desire

We have been having some periodic problems with the commenting system at the BCA blog. I think we have just about cracked the problem, so comment away all you fantastic readers.

April 23, 2010

SMX Sydney 2010 | Site Clinic

The last session of the day and my back is thankful for that. Here are some great insights from the site clinic: URL’s should be short and descriptive, not full of unknown parameters Have text behind an image Use header tags Don’t use session id’s 404 error page could be improved Make sure www […]

Real Time Search, User Generated Content and Social Networks | Greg Grothuas

Greg starts off by showing us a real-time result for the volcano in Iceland. Real time is shown for a small fraction of queries when Google thinks it’s relevant. You can also get the real time results by clicking on the latest result within the more options section of the google search page. New feature […]

LAMP & Microsoft Stacks | SMX Sydney | David Cropley

Stacks generally serve internet pages. Lets find out how modifying stacks can make sites load faster, it’s all about speed. Microsoft Stacks The IIS SEO toolkit is a great place to start with people using IIS, it will allow you to get a better understanding of your site from an SEO perspective Use viewstates ( […]

SEO for Content Management Systems | SMX Sydney | Brent D. Payne

After a big lunch, I am a little sleepy but with coffee in hand I will push on, let’s find out about SEO for CMS systems. Your CMS is the control centre for your whole network. All content should have a specified search engine optimisation phrase as it’s target. You need to score that specified […]

Facebook Ad Tactics For Search Marketers | SMX Sydney

Dennis YU is next up, he has had some bad publicity lately from some pretty respectable people. So lets see what he has to say. Facebook is not AdWords. It is about identity, not queries. Top 12 keywords, I did miss one, sorry. Simpsons House Family guy Music Barack Obama Dormir Grey’s anatomy Chocolate Friends […]

SMX Sydney | Building and Maintaining a Social Media Strategy | Cathie McGinn

Nielsen says that 70% of Australian companies are looking to get into social media. People in Australia spend 6 hours a day (or week, Cathie is not sure, hmmm). Effective Social Media Integrated at strategic and tactical levels buy in from the top down opt-in from the bottom up Developing a SM startegy Social web […]

SMX Sydney|Keynote – The State Of The Search Union|Keynote Panel

Good Morning Everybody, there are a couple of bloodshot eyes and weary heads here at SMX Sydney, for once I am not one of them, yay. And now a stupid joke to wake everyone up: A vulture gets on a transatlantic flight with a dead animal in each claw. The flight attendant stops him, and […]

April 22, 2010

The LONG-TABLE – SEM Tactics that work SMX Sydney

How to rank well for local? Get links with your city name in them to link to you. Make sure your listing across multiple databases are correct, i.e. yellow pages, yelp etc. Have a different page for each different location. Also use abbreviations for your organisation. Same for mobile search, trigger for universal on mobile […]

Q&A Advanced SEO Session 3

Google is showing local results without any geo qualifiers, so even if you want to rank nationally, you should register a local business centre. How can I rank for L.A fires in universal search ? Google is maybe triggering that universal result incorrectly. 20% of people click on the pages from Australia option within Google […]

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