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November 8, 2011

#Winning with Google Places — PubCon Vegas

Brian Combs PubCon

Welcome back to our PubCon liveblog coverage. We’re about to get jiggy with Google Places optimization. Brian Combs of Ionadas Local is presenting for us. He promises us there will be no more Charlie Sheen references from this point on.

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Local Search Rankings — PubCon Vegas

Pubcon Local Search Rankings Session

Dear Vegas, even though Night 1 of PubCon kicked my butt, I have three more days and nights to prove that you’re not all that. First liveblog session of the morning and I got my fingers warmed up on my Starbucks and am ready to talk local search rankings.

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September 19, 2011

Local SEO with Mike Ramsey ━ SEM Synergy Extras

Mike Ramsey on SEM Synergy

Last Thursday we posted a new episode of our SEM Synergy podcast, this one from SMX East in New York City. While I wasn’t able to post about it here on that day (I was knee deep in the final day of liveblogging), the show was mad groovy for several reasons and definitely warrants a […]

September 15, 2011

SMX East 2011: The SoLoMo Landscape

Local Search

Greg Sterling, our mod, says SoLoMo is an amorphous category and can be difficult to discuss as it’s always hanging. 50+% of people access social media sites through handheld devices. Social and mobile are connected, and local is where all transactions happen — people use mobile to navigate the world at their fingertips. The three […]

SMX East 2011: Doing Offers Right

Higher Consideration

Dan Hess @dealradar starts us off. Local Offer Networks has experience with data they use to serve major media companies. Massive growth of local offers continues. Prediction: in U.S. alone, 3 billion gross revenue from daily local deals. New competitors are entering the space faster than those falling out. The total offers published is climbing […]

September 13, 2011

SMX East 2011: Hard Core Local SEO Tactics

SMX East 2011 logo

Here’s another session revived as a favorite from SMX Advanced. However, since the last time these presenters spoke, lots has changed in the local search arena.

Today’s speakers are Mike Ramsey (@niftymarketing), Matt McGee (@mattmcgee) and Will Scott (@w2scott).

We’re about 5 minutes into the session and I lost everything I’d typed. The joys of liveblogging! I’ll try to dive right in and also fill in lost info…

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September 8, 2011

Local Focal Fun You Missed ━ SEM Synergy Extras

add SEM Synergy to your calendar

Another week, another SEM Synergy to dissect! If you’d like to hear today’s show where we mull over the power of infographics and nibble on local biz Digital marketing food for thought, have a listen over at With the show available for streaming and podcasting (we’re on iTunes!) it’s never too late to enjoy the smooth search croonings of Bruce and crew navigating the airwaves.

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September 7, 2011

Who’s Manning the Store: Securing Your Google Places Page

google places logo

In real estate they say that location is everything, which is true to a large extent. But the same also applies to digital space. That’s why there’s such thing as a search engine marketing industry. Location gets you seen, location can make you money, and location will make competitors desperate. In the case of Google Places, having a business catalogued as permanently closed can mean the loss of loyal customers, online traffic and revenue-much-needed-revenue in today’s economy.

Recently, fraudulent closings on Google Places have become a commonplace tactic employed by business competitors, and it turns out it’s rather easy to do. On a Google Places listing, you’ll find basic business information: name, address, hours of operation, reviews, etc. At the bottom of the listing, there is a link to “Report a problem.” From there, you can report that a business is permanently closed, which for all intents and purposes, serves as an important function. What is being discovered is that if enough people report a business as being “permanently closed”, the business is closed, in an online sense of the word.

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August 23, 2011

Local SEO, Designing for Engagement and Bruce Clay Unplugged – SEO Newsletter

A history of Bruce Clay, Inc.

We’ve got an action-packed newsletter coming to you, set to hit inboxes in the next hour! In our August newsletter, you’ll find essential advice on optimizing your site for local searches, an exclusive interview with Digital marketing pioneer Bruce Clay, and a guide to creating infographics that will grab your visitors’ attention.

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August 1, 2011

Small Business Guide to Using Local SEO to Get New Customers

Small Biz Local Discovery Contest Finalist Badge

This is a submission to the Small Biz Local Discovery Contest and part of our commitment to serve the small business community with quality Digital marketing resources. This article answers the question: “How would you advise a small business owner on how best to use SEO, PPC or Social Media to drive conversions to a local business?” Vote for your favorite contest entry from August 1-10.

Beginning in October 2010, Google began making changes which have allowed small businesses to be more easily found in search results based on geography. This shift in local search visibility, is easily, the greatest change in search geared toward small businesses since the advent of the search engine. Yes, it’s that good!

All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and knowledge of a few key factors to help a small business with a physical location rank for searches with local intent.

What is local intent? In short, local intent is identified by Google’s understanding of an online search with the intent to purchase offline; this is also defined as “local search”.

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