How Did You Boost In-House Marketing This Year? (Part 2) 2011 Recap on Tactics

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Recently, I asked how you boosted your in-house Web marketing this year. It was a follow up question to the post I wrote in January 2011 on tactics to apply for the coming year. This week, we’ll cover the second part of the original January post, “3 Ways to Boost Your In House Marketing in 2011: Part 2.” First, we’ll do a recap of some of the tips I offered for 2011 in the areas of local, social and conversion optimization. Then, I’ll provide a compilation of some of the resources we’ve offered over the year to help you in those areas.


Focus on Local

Local search engine optimization was a hot topic this year. In January, some of the tips given were focused on businesses geotargeting their sites for the cities they serve, claiming and optimizing a Google Places page, and taking a more local approach to PPC. Since then, we’ve learned tons of tactics on how to make local SEO work for us. Check out some of these articles, blog posts and interviews we’ve done over 2011 for a recap on local search tactics:

Dive into Social

Social media marketing continues to grow and evolve, as does our understanding of how to measure it. In the January post, I talked about how social was becoming more of an “authority” signal to the search engines than ever before (and this was pre-Google+ even). I highlighted Facebook and LinkedIn as two social networks worth spending time with for business marketing. Let’s dive into some of the information we’ve delivered over the year to help you with social media marketing.

Begin Conversion Rate Optimization

You’ve got traffic and engagement, now what? The discipline of conversion rate optimization allows you to test and discover what users want to increase conversions. In the January 2011 post on ways to boost in-house marketing, I outlined some of the things you might want to include in a CRO program, including learning about personas, eye-tracking research, analytics and landing page optimization.

But, there’s so much more.

Conversion rate optimization can be woven into any step and any discipline in Internet marketing, from designing a site and the content written on it, to paid ads to social media and beyond. Let’s have a look at some of the conversion optimization topics we explored this year:

Jessica Lee is the founder and chief creative for bizbuzzcontent Inc., a marketing boutique that focuses on digital content strategy and professional writing services for businesses.

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2 Replies to “How Did You Boost In-House Marketing This Year? (Part 2) 2011 Recap on Tactics”

Great Post

Being end of the year and all its great to have all this info in one post :)

Very good insights. I’ve learn a few tricks I might use.

Thanks again:)!


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