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How Often to Submit

We recommend that you pace your manual submissions, submitting up to five pages per day per site maximum. Do not submit more than two or three times per week. If you schedule your manual submissions in this manner, you will be within the acceptable submission range for the major search engines.

Rechecking Registration

It can take a few weeks for an accepted search engine submission to become effective (live) in the major search engines. Sometimes it takes several submissions before you get indexed. At today's rapid rate of new website growth, it is a wonder that search engines can keep up at all. Persist until you get indexed. Go to the search engine you submitted to and see if you are listed by searching for your URL. Your search engine ranking will improve with time when you use our SEO methodology.

Here is one way to see if your latest change has been indexed (provided the title did not change): Check the Google cache and see if that source matches your current page. If it does, then the current page has been indexed.

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Checking Your Search Engine Placement

Bruce Clay, Inc. offers excellent Search Engine Optimisation tools for checking your search engine placement. These are described on our SEOToolSet Free Trial Page. Our SEO monitoring tools are user friendly, and reports are easily understood. If you like the free search engine optimisation and SEO marketing tips in our visitor versions, you can get much more power from our SEOToolSet available on a subscription basis.

Once you have obtained your current search engine ranking with these SEO tools, you can easily identify where you need to go back and re-submit your site, fine-tuning your keywords. This is the way to make it to the top (or near the top) of your search engine results page.

Determining Which Pages to Submit

The following pages should be submitted: your homepage, any landing pages, the top of a silo of pages and any particularly important page you want to promote. Submit all pages you have optimized.

Note that submitting sub-pages or dynamic pages is normally a waste of time. Use web analytics to determine which pages convert well, and submit those pages if they are not otherwise ranked.

The following SEO information from the help file can be useful:

Purpose of this Tool

The goal of the submit list is to identify pages labeled for search engine optimisation (SEO) that are not currently ranked within the top 50 results in the three major engines so they can be submitted for spidering.

How to Run the Submit List Report

On the reports page, click the submit list link, which will take you down the page to the link on which to run the report. The report produces an alphabetical list of all the pages not currently ranked in Google, Yahoo! and MSN, with a link to the addurl page of each engine. Pages on this list should be submitted when they are edited, or every two weeks until they no longer appear on the list.