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May 15, 2006

Ask and you shall receive

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I quipped on Friday that I was saddened by the lack of Ask-related goodness appearing in my Bloglines feeds lately. While I’m still waiting for an Ask blog post, I was informed via email (thank you, Paul Loeffler!) that two brand new Ask commercials have been posted! Oh, how sweet it is!

Bear Attack and Poetry are the two new :30 additions and again feature Ask’s resident Greek Apostolos Gerasouli. While Bear Attack proves Ask is the engine of choice ‘when your life depends on it’, it’s Poetry that gets your full attention.

AG’s thick Greek accent may have earned him my affection during his Rims ad, but he is no match for his adorably insightful 10-year-old son Eli. Eli uses the topic of poetry to prove once and for all that Ask is the better search engine.

“ is better… It gets you hooked, it gets you excited. It gets you the good detailed answer. You’re just getting confused. Google’s not better; it’s just more popular.”

Looks and brains! If that doesn’t get you to try out Ask, I don’t know what will. Congratulations to Ask on another set of ingeniously clever TV spots. And if I may offer up a suggestion: I think Eli should be the new Jeeves! You put that little kid’s face on the right of your search box, letting him speak at opportune moments and you have yourself a goldmine! Just a thought.

Now, go use Ask!

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One response to “Ask and you shall receive”

  1. rogerd's notebook writes:

    New TV Ads

    The last time we posted search stats, only Google and showed growth. Google’s growth was attributed to its overall momentum as the recognized leader in search (you don’t “yahoo” or “msn” your blind date or …

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