Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog Marks Its 1,000th Entry


In case you weren’t keeping track, I thought it’d be fun to note that this here blog entry, the one that you are reading at this very moment, is the 1,000th post to ever hit the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog. Pretty sweet, eh?

I’m far too cool and sophisticated to get excited over such a silly milestone (quiet, you), but if I had my way, the Tech Writing office would be filled with balloons and puppies and cupcakes to commemorate the occasion, and everyone would have to wear their The Lisa shirts to work!

But that’s not happening. The only prize I get today is that Susan is out of the office until Thursday. I guess that’s good enough, because as we’ve established over the last 800 entries or so, Susan is evil.

The blog has seen a lot of change since Susan started it back in 2004. It went from being updated every third Monday of every other month, to being updated several times a day. Sometimes we even stop talking about puppies and babies and Luck Dragons long enough to stay on topic. And when we do, people actually read what we’re saying and (sometimes) leave comments. It’s all quite exhilarating and we’re having a lot of fun, in case you couldn’t tell by all the "huzzahs".

Because today is kind of a big deal for us me, I thought I’d take a second to say two things:

  1. Thanks! For reading the blog, for commenting and for supporting us. We realize that without you there would be no Bruce Clay, Inc. blog.
  2. If there’s something you want to see in the blog, let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve things around here. What do you want to read about and what can you live without? How can we make the blog better? Its okay, you can tell me, I’m asking. And if the thing you can live without is Susan, then don’t worry; I’ve already started a petition to get that ball in motion.

Seriously, this is a fun milestone for us and we realize it’s less about us and more about you. So, thanks for sticking with us through 1,000 blog entries. Here’s to a few thousand more, huzzah!

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

See Lisa's author page for links to connect on social media.

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9 Replies to “Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog Marks Its 1,000th Entry”


Congratulations, Bruce and company!!

As you already know, I think you are the best-ever blogger on earth, anyone who says differently is just jealous of your writing skill and flawless hair :)


Happiness and double Huzzahs! Congrats, cupcakes, balloons, and Chocolate!
You are great and so is Susan!

I have to admit that I am shocked by the comment of puppies. I am sure Jack Jack and Swat will not be pleased. Since Susan is gone, you could make it up to them by posting their photos and making them celebrity kitties.

Congrats Lisa! The value you’ve brought to the Bruce Clay brand is worth at least double your current salary. In lieu of that, virtual balloons and cupcakes are on their way. :)

1,000 posts
114 posts containing Huzzah
89 posts containing the words Susan and Evil
27 posts with a mention of Jack Jack
13 posts with a mention of Swat (someone’s playing favorites…)
Congrats :)

Congrats Lisa. I’m not even sure how many posts I’ve published, though I do know it’s a lot less than 1,000.

congrats! break out the puppies and cupcakes. that’s some seriously huge productivity there (you should hit up Bruce for a raise today)

Congrats, Lisa! That’s a huge milestone. We just barely hit double-digits so I’m definitely looking at inspired by your milestone!


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