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April 9, 2009

Bruce Clay SEO Training in Sydney

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The first day of training was daunting to say the least, it wasn’t the training itself that was intimidating but the coffee machines outside that required some kind of Vulcan logic processing to get working, after many attempts (and much mess) I was sufficiently caffeinated and ready to dive into Metas, URLs, keywords and links.
Each day as training began Bruce would introduce a number of principles and lay the foundation for the day ahead. During the training session Bruce built upon these foundations and drilled down deeper into the essence of his methodologies and by the 3rd session of each day we were into the real good juicy stuff. With the amount of time the number 42 was mentioned, I just had to believe that Douglas Adams himself was a SEO.
Bruce makes the very long trip ‘down under’ twice each year so we get the opportunity hear SEO straight from the horse’s mouth. Flying half way round the world in order to be barraged by question after question on all types of topics including personalized search, behavioral strategies, algorithm updates and social optimisation means poor Bruce doesn’t have much rest.
The training covers some home truth basics through to the very complicated strategies required to maintain complex, dynamic sites with established rankings and search traffic; all with a focus on getting your site to be ‘the least imperfect’. The granddaddy of SEO (yep the nickname sticks – it’s on twitter!) explained to us how Google is growing at an average of 0.5% each month since 2007 and how they are planning to continue gaining market share in the future. Also covered in depth was the complex PageRank formula and how managing this can improve rankings. The back breaking manuals have been scrawled over with all sorts of diagrams of how to link verses how not to link, with detailed examples of the Google ‘data’ (or supplementary) index and what a crawler does when they get to a site.
By the end of the training on the evening of the 3rd day I experienced a strange contradiction between body and mind. My brain felt physically full to capacity; however the most important thing was learning what I didn’t know. Now the yearning to learn is even stronger than at the beginning of the training. It’s a good thing too, as I am new to the office and have yet to get my SEOToolSet Certification so essentially that studying is only just beginning! I still haven’t mastered the coffee machines but SEO, well that’s another matter completely.

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