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August 13, 2009

Complete SES San Jose Liveblogging Coverage

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Where was Virginia for the last week? Why up in San Jose, of course, at Search Engine Strategies. She covered 14 sessions over three days and still found time to record a radio show live for WebmasterRadio. Give her a hand, folks.

Tuesday, August 11

9:00 am Opening Keynote: Clay Shirky, Author of Here Comes Everybody
10:30 am How to Optimize for Search & Engage the Community
11:45 am In the Now: Conversational & Real Time Marketing (Social Media & Video Strategies Forum)
1:45 pm Turn Brain Science into Bucks: Incorporating Persuasive Messaging into Your Content Strategy
3:00 pm SEO Tools of the Trade: What’s in YOUR Toolbox?
4:30 pm Performance Pricing Models: What Every CMO Must Know!

Wednesday, August 12

9:00 am Credit Crunch: The Death of Last Click Attribution and its Impact on Paid Search Advertising
12:00 pm Live broadcast of SEMSynergy with Mark Knowles and Wendy Roe of Pixelsilk.
1:00 pm Afternoon Keynote: Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, AdWords, Google
2:30 pm Four Paths to Success in a Tough Travel Economy
4:00 pm Social Media: White Hat vs. Black Hat

Thursday, August 13

9:00 am Morning Keynote: How to Prepare for the Future of Search, Charlene Li, Co-Author, Groundswell, Founder, Altimeter Group
10:30 am Electronic Contacts and the Long Arm of the Law
12:45 pm The New Search ROI: Measuring More than Conversion
2:15 pm Advanced SEO Roundtable: What is it Really? And Where is it Going?
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