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April 3, 2012

Fun, Free SEO Tool Time

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Every once in a while, we find out one of the staff members here at BCI has created some cool search engine marketing tool for personal use. Last week, we heard our software dev manager Aaron Landerkin had one such tool in his arsenal, which he made under the radar to help his mates here run very simple, quick research outside of our SEOToolSet®. This tool is called the Multipage Info (MPI) tool, and it gathers the following SEO data for up to six URLs:

  • Title tag
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords
  • Heading tag
  • Whether or not the page has a rel=“canonical” tag
Aaron was nice enough to open up the tool to the public, so you can try the MPI tool now. Here’s an example of what the MPI tool looks like:

It lives on our Web Rank page, which has lots of other goodies like freebie versions of our SEOToolSet tools for you to try to your heart’s content. Now go forth and research, fellow SEOs.

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4 responses to “Fun, Free SEO Tool Time”

  1. Seo Man writes:

    I also would like to add RDS bar for Firefox – it’s realy cool!
    Press alt+ctrl+f to show pages meta tags.

  2. alanc230 writes:

    I like trying free stuff. I want to give this a whirl. Assuming it’s not anything dangerous that’s going to unleash havoc on my computer.

  3. Jessica Lee writes:

    You’re most welcome, Henry!

  4. Henry Sim writes:

    Thanks for sharing the tool. Will give it a try.
    Like it that it will check if the page has a rel=“canonical” tag.

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