Marc's special SEO Christmas wish list

Well the silly season is upon us, the year is winding down with all matter of festivities (the Bruce Clay Christmas party was most enjoyable) taking place. Having decided to go the Christmas shopping online route and not run the gauntlet shopping with the heavy crowds, I have become pretty adept at making wish lists. So to end off a very successful year of the Bruce Clay Blog, I give you Marc’s very special SEO Christmas wish list:

SEO Christmas wish list

1. Please clean up your results Google: The other day I was doing some searches for a fairly generic name, which also happened to be a celebrity, all of a sudden I had SERPS that looked like a taxi dashboard, there were videos, pictures, real-time results and PPC results, oh and a small smattering of regular organic results. If Google is using click behaviour to implement personalised search, then surely they can observe I hardly ever click through to videos and images in my results and provide more organic results and less of the ‘fluff’? Next time I have a purely information query perhaps Wikipedia will be my first choice.

2. Matt Cutts: Not just Matt Cutts mind you, but Matt in full Santa regalia sliding down the chimney and asking for me to come away with him on his sled (eco friendly of course) to the Googleplex in Mountain View to personally review the algorithm and give my very valuable insight. This is only slightly less likely than me being asked to play professional soccer for Tottenham Hotspurs, but a guy can dream can’t he.

3. Don’t kill the Yahoo link command: Since Google stopped supporting the link command and Microsoft never really did, there has only been one (excluding pricey programs, many of which rely on the Yahoo link command anyway) real tool for SEO newcomers to conduct competitive link analysis, the Yahoo site/link command. With the ‘sale’ of Yahoo to Microsoft, there air has been thick with rumours that the Yahoo link command may also stop working, please let it live, purty please!

4. A better way to leverage Twitter: Currently the real-time results for the search engines aren’t that great, I find them annoying and don’t see them as adding value. Lisa Barone has also shown how spammy real-time search can be. I think that, if leveraged correctly, real-time search results can be great, but I think in a rush to outdo each other, the search engines jumped the gun on this one.

5. A Eureka moment: Not really the kind that Archimedes had in his bathtub but really a kind of singularity moment where everybody in the world suddenly has an epiphany and all of a sudden knows exactly what search engine optimisation is. Im a little bit tired of friends and family asking me what I do and when I reply SEO, I’m generally met with a blank stare in return. If in the extremely unlikely scenario that this singularity doesn’t occur, perhaps some better worldwide publicity and education regarding SEO would be great.

6. SEO Report: Not just any report mind you, but a fully automated tool that creates client specific, customised rankings, traffic and SEO KPI reports that provide intelligent, actionable insights for both Bruce Clay and our clients all at the click of a button, first time, every time. I dont think there’s an app for that.

7. Make Google Analytics real-time: There is a lag in reporting statics within GA of about 3 hours between the event occurring and GA reporting on it. If Google can implement real-time search, surely they can get real time reporting right too. Oh and while we are on Google Analytics, the ability to transfer ownership of profiles between accounts would be greatly appreciated.

8. Make it easier to report spam: Currently you have to log into your webmaster account to report any kind of spam, this makes it an inconvenient and long process, if there was an easier way to do this, (say putting a ‘report spam button’ next to the SERPS whilst logged into your account) more people would report spammy sites and the search engines indexes would be alot cleaner.

9. Better competition for Google: It is said competition drives innovation and for a while (in search anyway) Google has had no real competitors; they had 65.6% of the search market share in November. I am hoping that Bing will soon integrate all the Yahoo search technology and this jump-starts a search engine conflict that will drive up quality control, features, relevancy, useful features and value add to both Google and Bing.

10. Charlize Theron’s phone number: It’s for SEO I swear, just wanted to let her know that her website should have unique title tags for each page and that she should have a robots.txt and sitemap.xml file :)

Hope you enjoyed my wish list (was just kidding Charlize, but seriously my email is on the blog :)). The Bruce Clay Australia office is closing tomorrow until Monday the 4th of January. From all the folks at Bruce Clay, have a great festival season and a grand New Years. See you on the other side.

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