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April 3, 2009

Meet the Search Engines

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After a great lunch that unfortunately ended up more on my shirt than my stomach, we have a quick chat with two leading figures among the Google and Yahoo search teams, Priyank Garg – Director of Product Management for Yahoo Web Search and Greg Grothaus- Senior Software Engineer for the Google Search Quality Team.

The two head honchos go all out upsizing each other with innovation mania!

New innovations at Yahoo

  • Yahoo BOSS (Build your own search service)
  • Really imposing barriers to entry prevent new entries into the search industry so search is primed for innovation
  • BOSS lets you build upon Yahoo’s current search offering and customise it
  • You can re-rank results, blend results, use any monetization platform, access unlimited queries and present queries in any way. These are only some of the capabilities of BOSS
  • Developers pay based on the volume of queries and type of query or they can display Yahoo search ads in lieu of payment if they meet certain requirements
  • Yahoo SearchMonkey
  • SearchMonkey is a tool for site owners to increase the quantity and quality of organic search traffic by customizing search results to make them more visually
  • appealing and structured
  • Designed for publishes and third party developers
  • Very simple to implement

[I have only been preaching Search Monkey at every Friday arvo beer, chips and search sessions round at BCA (that’s Bruce Clay Australia) HQ for the past 6 months… *mutter* But no one listens to me… – Kate]

Google Innovations

  • Google suggest with local flavour- the search recommendations now have a local slant to them
  • Crawl error sources – these errors are now shown in context by providing links to the site and on which side of the link the error is located on
  • Vulnerable Site Warnings – Google informs webmaster via webmaster tools if they think that your site is vulnerable to attack
  • Google services for websites
  • Search Wiki-if you are logged in with your Google account you can change the ranking of sites, comment on the pages etc
  • PDF optical character recognition
  • Improved flash indexing

Great to see reps from the big search engines here and keeping us updated on their new features and innovations.

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