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ShoeMoney gets Hacked

It’s hard to decide what the actual story is – that Jeremy’s blog (it’s okay, you can click, everything’s all better now) was hacked or that people weren’t sure if it was legit or just another link bait idea conjured up by Jeremy. That’s when you know this link bait thing hasn’t gone too far.

Though the link bait idea was tossed around quite a bit, it turns out Jeremy’s blog was hacked into thanks to a phpbb2 exploit. Users who tried to visit the site earlier were redirected to a malicious script and presented with a message in French.

Over at SEW, Barry Schwartz comments that Jeremy’s NetIncome bud at also had her blog hacked (it’s not restored yet). Just another random blog hacking or was this personal? Who knows? Be careful to Jeremy and everyone else out there on the interwebs.

New SEO blog for the Right-Brained inept

Robin Nobles (whose ClickZ article we referenced yesterday) has launched a new blog called The Idea Motivator that is specifically designed to help SEOs reconnect with the right side of their brain. Putting her in my eternal good graces, Robin has already delivered several posts regarding basic grammar issues including, Web site vs. website, e-mail vs. email vs. e-mails, and SEOs vs. SEO’s.

I think this will be a great new blog, especially for those who believe there’s no need for grammar and proper spelling on the Internet. You know who you are.

(via MP)

Ask Launches Mobile Search

Gary Price announced that has launched Ask Mobile search, which can be found at or

Mobile takes some of Ask’s best known features and adapts them for the small screen, including Ask’s Smart Answers, driving and walking directions, aerial maps (look, it’s a mini Fenway! [You mean, Dodger Stadium, right?–Susan] — No. I will never embrace California baseball.), stored searches, Bloglines, area codes, weather and more. Best of all, Ask utilizes an array of navigational shortcuts to minimize keystrokes and uses Skweezer technology so screens are easier to read.

Barry Schwartz has a detailed rundown over at SEW. (Ain’t he great?)

So, let’s recap: Last week Yahoo! announced their mobile PPC ads, Microsoft revealed theirs on Monday and today we see a mobile search from Ask? Do you see where all of this is going? Are you ready for it?

Fun Finds

Danny Sullivan reveals his crush on Faith Missy, er Eliza Dushku and coins the word “Buffydom” in the process. I fear his post will forever change how I associate our fearless Danny Sullivan.

I’m also jealous that he gets to coin new words. Susan never allows me to make up my own words, even when they’re really good ones. Not fair, Danny! [I promise, the day you come up with a really good word, I’ll let you use it. –Susan]

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