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December 23, 2008

Search Marketers Feeling Festive

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I think Christmas and Hanukkah rank right up there with Halloween for holidays that cause the most decorating frenzy. Take a look at the awesome job the Bruce Clay, Inc. writers did in dressing up our little corner of the office!

The uber-spirited even like to dress up their Web sites! Here’s a quick round-up of all the holiday-themed logos I found today.

The less-than-legible Google logo:

Yahoo’s animated ice skater:

Search Engine Roundtable is counting the days of Hanukkah:

While not a logo, the folks at WebProNews have a message for you. Click on the image to hear it:

A beanstalk makes for a great tree over at Beanstalk SEO:

The lights are up at Marketing Pilgrim:

Hats off to Hitwise:

Our friends at ProspectMX have a video to go along with their logo. Take a listen by clicking on the image:

Everyone’s favorite gypsy dressed up over at

At Bruce Clay, Inc. we’re celebrating with a couple different Winter wonder-scenes:

They’re even sporting our new tagline:

Happy holidays! Any logos that I forgot? Add them to the comments!

Come back tomorrow to find out about the second annual Best of Search Conferences 2008. You won’t want to miss it!

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5 responses to “Search Marketers Feeling Festive”

  1. Man Ray writes:

    I missed out on this. Now I’m very much excited to see what you guys are planning this coming holidays.

  2. James writes:

    It’s a great idea to have snowflakes on a ceiling. Will definitely do same this New Year in my office!

  3. Virginia Nussey writes:

    @Lisa, You may not even recognize this place anymore!

    @David, Great avatars! Happy New Year!

  4. Dave writes:

    Aw gee thanks… I didn’t know I was anyone’s favorite anything.. Guess there’s my gift – wee haaa :0)
    I actually got quite festive and started dressing up some Tweeples avatars for the season in my spare time (what is ‘spare’ time anyway?);
    So happy holidays to the entire BC crew… 09 should be a very interesting one in the search world.. (oh and a happy new year too :0)

  5. Lisa Barone writes:

    Um, that’s not where Susan’s supposed to sit…

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