SMX, and a Reader Poll

Between last week’s Search Marketing Expo and my jaunt back East, I’m a little out of the loop and I’m sporting more open browser windows than Susan has imaginary friends. [They aren’t imaginary! They’re virtual. –Susan] Let’s revisit what happened while I was flying around the country. Maybe I can get my window count under fifty.

Search Marketing Expo Is Over

Sadly, Danny’s Search Marketing Expo and our time in Seattle have both come to an end. I know, I’m sad too, but don’t cry.

Overall, and especially for a first showing, I think it’s safe to say that SMX was a huge success. The close-knit group, the quality of information, and the lunches that kicked all other lunches’ butt (for dessert we drank sweet baby Incisive tears), were top notch. If you couldn’t make the journey, we hope you found our liveblogging both fun and useful. If you were in town and forced to meet Susan Esparza, I apologize. Hopefully, you’re recovering okay.

And of course, we’ll post our coverage of Tuesday’s controversial Give It Up session as soon as the one month embargo has been lifted. Make sure to check back for it because with a month to re-read my notes, the Lisa’s got some stuff to say. I apologize for the wait. I tried to get Danny to reconsider and I was publicly taunted by several of the panelists. Yeah, you all know who you are. Todd.

(Bruce Clay’s Mike Grehan posted his thoughts on SMX on his own blog. Isn’t our little Robert Esparza cute? I’m so totally dead for pointing you to that photo so I hope it helped make your day just a little sexier. [Stop exploiting my brother. -Susan — He’s so cute! He’s bringing sexy back to Bruce Clay! ])

Ask Goes 3D, Then Insults Women

I was lucky enough to be pulled aside, along with Andy Beal and the awesome Jordan McCollum, for a special sneak peak at the new Ask 3D interface last week and I must say I was impressed with the UI. The new era of is everything we’ve been waiting for – one search for all verticals. I’d comment on it but it’s been out for a week so if you were interested I’m sure you’ve already tried it out yourself. Plus, Jennifer Laycock had a nice write-up and she’s way cuter than me anyway, so go read hers.

As for the UI, we’ll see if users like it or if it’s too much too soon. Props to for being brave enough to release it mainstream instead of banishing it to a never-ending "beta" run.

Not awesome, however, is the new commercial that depicts women as nothing more than sword-carrying sexual objects. Kind of disappointing to see revamp their engine, spend all that time rebranding, and then promote it with confusing billboards and commercials that are likely to offend at least half of their demographic. Disappointing, indeed. […there are no words. Wow, what were they thinking? –Susan]

What say you?
The Blog Herald declares that most top notch bloggers have one characteristic in common: selflessness. Do you agree?

I don’t. I was actually taken aback when I read that. Isn’t blogging one of the most narcissistic activities you can partake in? If top notch bloggers have one thing in common it’s that they’re good story tellers and they’re honest. Okay, if they had two things in common.

What say you?

Fun Finds

Andy Beal got Barry Schwartz on camera to talk about the best search marketing forums. I heart Barry. I just want to squeeze his little cheeks. I have the same reaction to Matt McGee. There’s something wrong with me. [Yes, Lisa. There is. –Susan]

Score a link from Google and get a Google mini for one low price of $1,995.

Google’s no longer invading the privacy of that girl caught displaying her underwear to the world. Hopefully the embarrassed female has learned the lesson the rest of us were taught in college. A cute belt goes a long way.

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

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3 Replies to “SMX, and a Reader Poll”

Jordan, I have in no way whatsoever noticed the ridiculous amount of gorgeous your hair is.
I am jealous of your shoulders for getting to be so near it.

Hm… every blogger has in common . . . Internet access? A certain modicum of exhibitionism?
Totally agree with you on Ask. Of course, I think anybody in that room with us (aside from being the coolest, most elite group there!) would have to agree about the UI, but I couldn’t agree with you more on the commercial. It would be physically impossible.
(I wish I could’ve sat with you guys! Stupid nonextended life battery. Absolutely getting one of those the next time I do a conference.)
(Oh, and Pat, I totally called your name when you walked past me once. I think it was right before or after a session… ) (That’s actually a true story. I’m not just saying it so that you say nice things about my hair, too. Really. But you can if you want.)

Okay first off Lisa I absolutely agree with you, you are entirely right when you say that Jennifer Laycock is cuter than you are :)(does she write 12 articles a day or 20? wow she can write), speaking of which, I can’t believe Jordan was there and I didn’t meet her. Arrgghh. She was someone I really a whole bunch wanted to meet.

She is a mother, poetry editor, Andy Beal columnist, and the author of a Pablo Neruda article. Can you possibly get more sexy than that???

Well actually yes you can, by being Susan.
One of my favorite little moments was my drunk and sweet conversation with Susan at the Microsoft gig… yum, sigh.

But of course, Lisa, you are my favorite, and just between me and you, you are way hotter than anyone else. Next time we are at a conference together, it would be great to talk when we are, like, sober.
Lisa rules. Other women need to just give up now. Can’t they see how shiny your hair is? duh…

Reader Poll: What does every blogger have in common?

From my angle, the only thing I have really identified as universal among all bloggers is everyones cute, childlike attempts at being as good as I am.


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