Ten Rock Your World 5-Minute Takeaways #34A

10 speakers are going to give their priority takeaways.

Rae Hoffman @sugarrae

Facebook Promoted Posts:
Small businesses
Personal bloggers
Costs depend on the amount of fans
500k pages had it
30% were new advertisers
70% repeat advertisers

Avoid and help hacked sites
Hacking is a common problem that can affect your search engine presence
Google has a lot of help for webmasters that have been hacked.

New Google+ cover photos are ginormous. Need inspiration? Complete guide, tips and examples: at cypressnorth.com “New Google convert photo size template download”. Draw attention to +1 boxes.

Bing: HTML5 and H1s
Bing only pulls keywords from an HTML5 page’s first H1.


Marcus Tober @marcustober

Is a Panda recovery possible? Matt told us that great content is the answer, but everyone thinks they’re publishing great content. He’s sharing an example of Helpster.de and their story of Panda recover. There was a steep ranking drop in August 2011. A year later they had climbed back with these 5 steps.

1. Number of ads above the fold decreased
2. Content to premium content – merged redundant content to less articles or deleted the content
3. Video content – video results have a higher CTR and are more sticky than just content (longer dwell time)
4. Become a brand – invested in marketing to become a brand, even on a small scale
5. Focus on the user – increased dwell time by 21% and reduced bounce rate from 76% to 67%

Keri Morgret @kerimorgret

Social media strategy should focus on your blog. Everything can point to you there. If you have a video, link to the video from the blog and point everything to that blog post. Don’t link to YouTube from Twitter. Link to your blog from Twitter and FB. You only control your blog.

Sid Shah @drsidshah

Y = MX + C

Y = outcome = dependent variable
M = coefficient = slope
X = input = independent
C = baseline = intercept

You can find the Quality Score and CPC relationship.
You can see how TV spend affects brand impressions.

If you want to know about economic modeling, this is the simplest equation to start with.

Marty Weintraub @aimClear

Trolling media roles for relationships and links, AKA inbound social PR.

Wall posts become page post ads. Open Graph to set it up so it is right on your ad from your blog. Paid + organic content amplification is page post ads. If you’re amplifying content and try to attract media pros to that content.

Target: web producers, tv news producers, segment producers, editorial assistant, reporter, investigative reporter… goes on and on. When you have beautiful new content you want these people to know. Target organizations for a particular slant. Get invited for interviews. As you’re amplifying content to media roles, aim at broad publications + focused roles or niche publications + all rolls. Don’t forget that when you amplify content, run it past media people!

Rick Galan @RickGalan


Research: interviewed largest advertisers. Asked biggest challenges over next 2 years.
1. Integrating search marketing with other marketing.
2. Understanding new SE developments.
3. Measuring how search impacts biz bottom line.

These are big picture questions that big guys are worrying about so we should be too.

When he takes a client and looks at sales from search and non-search orders, he sees they’re abou the same. When he compared PP and SEO orders, he saw SEO orders canibalizing PPC orders – saving them money. And no negative impact on their brand.

Remember what you’re really doing. If you match up your sales of targeted brand (campaigns its coming from) to your investment in target brand, and then break it down further to the particular campaign and what’s happening to increase the bottom line, you’ll see the value of channels and interplay.

Jenn Lopez @jennita

Using Pinterest to rock your world, and she’s pulling this from Brent Csutoras’s preso yesterday about automating social.

NinjaPinners is a tool that lets you find who has pinned or repinned content, who’s following companies, get their IDs and find out who they are. Stalk some of them and figure out personas. Who are the people following you and repinning yourself to create a persona.

Pingraphy lets you schedule your pins. You can take a lot of photos from an event, schedule them to go out, use hashtags and you’ll be getting metrics on the pins you get through there.

Pinvolve provides one place for all photos. It shows your pins as an image on Facebook, coordinating images between there and Pinterest.

Mark Traphagen @marktraphagen

Brands are now people on Google= too. Brand pages can now do virtually everything people can do. You can follow and circle people. You can comment on posts, where previously the individual had to follow the brand before the brand could comment. Brands can participate in communities, create communities, moderate communities.

Brands have to be on best behavior, thought. It’s often good to mention your personal name as you’re representing the brand, and you can get follows that way and be seen as helpful.


Annalise Kaylor @annabelleblue

Facebook is a Tactic, not a STRATEGY. It’s a piece of the bigger puzzle. ENGAGEMENT is a TACTIC, not a STRATEGY. It’s not worth anything if you don’t know why you’re doing it and what to measure it by or how to define it. Facebook has a very all-over-the-board definition. Is it lead acquisition, brand awareness (qualified reach, fan growth)?

Your competition on Facebook isn’t who you think it is. If you’re Coke, it’s not Pepsi; it’s users’ grandmas and friends.

Social media is 1% of everyone’s job. If you’re struggling for content, go outside your marketing department. Talk to customer service, communications, you’ll find tremendous value and content to repurpose.

As for the algo, don’t beat it. Impress it.

Virginia Nussey is the director of content marketing at MobileMonkey. Prior to joining this startup in 2018, Virginia was the operations and content manager at Bruce Clay Inc., having joined the company in 2008 as a writer and blogger.

See Virginia's author page for links to connect on social media.

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