Ultimate Search Conference: Day 4

Day 4: Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keynotes for the Day
Keynote with Jim Lanzone – SES San Jose
Closing Keynote with Matt Mullenweg — BlogWorld

Blogs, Vlogs & Automobiles Track
Top Takeaways

  • If you only buy one accessory, buy a good tripod. People were not made to hold camcorders stable.
  • The goal of producing YouTube videos is to get them back to your Web site to view ads and explore your other content.
  • If you want videos to rank you have to surround them with HTML.
  • There is an absolutely compelling reason for search marketers to start podcasting – Universal Search.
  • Eighty-two percent of local search users make contact after viewing a business local advertisement.

Getting in the Video Game – PubCon Las Vegas
Speakers: Brett Tabke, Robin Liss and Michael McDonald

Video Search Engine Optimization – SES San Jose
Speakers: Sapna Satagopan (moderator) Gregory Markel, Jeremy Clem, Sherwood Stranieri and Stephan Baker

Podcasts & Audio Search Optimization – SES San Jose
Speakers: Detlev Johnson (moderator), Daron Babin, Amanda Watlington and Rick Klau

Local & Mobile Search – PubCon Las Vegas
Speakers: Detlev Johnson (moderator), Gregory Markel, Alex Portal, Dan Perry, Brian Gil, and Eswar Priyadarshan

A-List Blogger Training
Top Takeaways

  • Building relationships is about people, not selling.
  • Use your company blog to keep fires on your own site. Don’t allow them to break out all over the Web.
  • Not everyone should blog. The blog isn’t going to change your culture. It will just expose you.
  • Blogs are great conversation tools because they give you the illusion of an individual conversation.
  • Corporations aren’t blogging because of the fear of being criticized and the fear of losing control, but when you have your own blog, you control it.

Building Relationships with Other Bloggers — BlogWorld
Speakers: March Harty and Brian Solis

Corporate & CEO Blogging — BlogWorld
Speakers: Paula Berg, John Earnhardt, Pete Johnson, Jennifer Cisney, and Brian Lusk

How to Use Digg to Assplode Your Blog — BlogWorld
Speakers: Jeremy Wright, Tris Hussey, Aaron Brazell

Creating Conversation With Your Readers — BlogWorld
Speakers: Alex Hillman and Jake McKee

SEO Survival Tips Track
Top Takeaways

  • To maintain a positive working relationship between yourself and a client, set business goals up front.
  • Clients are coming to you looking for trust, performance, strategy, thoughtful leadership, and technology and tools.
  • The best way to learn about SEO is to absorb all the knowledge you can from books and SEO blogs, and then apply it to an actual site.
  • For work from home businesses, coworking is the next evolution of the work place. It’s like a café that doesn’t kick you out.
  • When your hobby because your job, you’ll have to work to find new ways to unwind.

How to Make Friends & Influence Clients – SES Chicago 2006
Speakers: Danny Sullivan (moderator), Ed Kim, Scott Orth, and Rob Murray

So You Want To Be A SEM? – SES San Jose
Speakers: Misty Locke (moderator), Dan Perry, Pradeep Chopra, Jessica Bowman, David Wallace and Michael Gray

SEM Pricing Models – SES San Jose
Speakers: Misty Locke (moderator), Rand Fishkin, Lance Loveday, Ken Jurina, and Mike Murray

Survival Tips for Network Bloggers — BlogWorld
Speakers: Leora Zellman and Mary Jo Manzanares

Lisa’s Top Picks Track
Top Takeaways

  • Go through your content looking for the holes. Then write content to fill them.
  • As a blogger, you write for one person and one person only – Yourself.
  • Don’t try and control the blogosphere. It won’t work and you’ll just build resentment.
  • In blogging, popularity is about consistency and being brave enough to plow forward.
  • The Chinese version of Google uses a guided search format since there are so many characters in the Chinese language.

Don’t Fake It: The Secret to Writing Kickass Content — WordCamp
Speakers: Lorelle VanFossen

Trench Warfare – Ad:Tech San Francisco
Speakers: Rohit Bhargava (moderator), Karl Long, Jeremiah Owyang, Kent Nichols and Steve Hall

One Billion Searchers – SES San Jose
Speakers: Mike Grehan (moderator), Stephen Noton and Bill Hunt

The Future of New Media Publishing Tools — BlogWorld
Speakers: Anil Dash and Leo Laporte

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

See Lisa's author page for links to connect on social media.

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