SEO Approach Helps B2B SaaS Startup Quadruple Website Traffic

A B2B SaaS startup company quadrupled its website traffic, increased users by 367% and increased non-branded keyword clicks by 359% in just 17 months by partnering with Bruce Clay.

“We started to see positive results almost immediately, so we decided to partner with them.” -Vice President of Marketing

The Situation

A startup industrial-sector-focused B2B SaaS company was concerned with increasing its website traffic in an emerging technology space that is not well-defined.

The company’s marketing team initially hired outside firms to handle their SEO. However, these firms weren’t effective; they didn’t fully understand the company’s business and the nuances of being in an emerging technology space with no agreed-upon keywords and keyword phrases.

The marketing team tried to do their SEO independently, but progress was slow as they didn’t have the bandwidth to fully support the project.

The Solution

The company decided to try working with a firm one more time, so they reached out to Bruce Clay.

“The team at Bruce Clay had a great sales pitch that showcased how their approach to SEO differed from others, so we decided to evaluate what they could do for us,” said the Vice President of Marketing.

Bruce Clay worked with the company to generate a comprehensive list of 100 keywords they wanted to rank for and continued to update
the keyword list based on new marketing initiatives.

Once the SEO targets were set, the Bruce Clay team generated content to rank for those keywords. This content included industry-specific keyword silos about relevant topics that were critical to the company’s success. The team also created informational, research-based content ranging from basic glossary pages to in-depth blog articles and tutorials.

The Results

Graphic showing results from B2B SaaS case study.
As a result of Bruce Clay’s efforts, the company saw the number of its website users surge by 367 percent during a seventeen-month period. Additionally, the company realized a 359 percent increase in clicks from non-branded keywords. The increases in ranking and traffic led to more qualified leads.

“It was extremely easy to work with the Bruce Clay team. They quickly understood our business.” -Vice President of Marketing

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