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SEO Site Audit: an in-depth critique using hundreds of checklist data points that are manually checked. This is a detailed analysis with specific instructions of how to fix issues that takes about 160 hours and produces a large detailed report. It is not an “easy button” report since it includes website architecture changes. The Site Audit enables a business to quickly adjust the factors that search engines deem important when ranking their website.

NOTE: Need our Google Penalty Audit services? If you have a penalty, start there!

Our SEO Site Audit is a detailed report that identifies major organic search engine ranking factors that are not being properly implemented on your website. The size of the report is based upon the complexity and scope of the site, so each will vary in size. Typically, our Site Audit reports range from 80 to 100 pages.

The SEO Site Audit enables clients to learn what the search engines consider important when ranking websites and where improvements are needed. Our SEO analyst will analyze and then detail barriers to organic ranking and critical issues that are hindering the entire SEO marketing project. In complex projects, this analysis is often the first step of many. It identifies the issues that should be repaired as soon as possible. This report takes approximately eight to ten weeks to research, write and produce. You also receive updates during this time as noted below.

Here is a summary of the search marketing services you receive:

Discovery Interview

The Audit begins with a Discovery Interview. We speak with you to familiarize ourselves with your business model, target audience, business goals and objectives. We conduct the interview during a conference call between you and a Bruce Clay Inc. SEO analyst.

SEO Site Review

Following the Discovery Interview, a site review takes place. Your SEO analyst reviews and evaluates your site from an organic search engine optimization perspective. The purpose is to break down the site, do preliminary keyword research and competitive analysis, identify potential areas of concern, and provide recommendations on how to correct issues that are hindering the site’s visibility in organic search. The review and evaluation will incorporate topics such as site architecture, page construction, web server configuration and link popularity.

Preliminary Findings Report

While we are performing this research, we generally uncover many issues impacting your site’s SEO performance that may be urgent or possibly simple to repair. At approximately four weeks, we will produce a short engineering report citing the items that you can start repairing. We see no need to wait until the final audit is delivered to get you going on SEO. Since you’ve already hired us, we look for ways that we can quickly start working together on a few obvious items that need repairing.

SEO Audit Report

Following our detailed research, we construct an SEO Audit Report. The Audit discusses issues that need to be resolved in order to improve your search engine rankings. It also gives suggestions and instructions on how to fix issues. This report diagnoses symptoms to pinpoint problems, then details each problem, why it matters, its severity, and a recommended solution. The Audit concludes with a list of our recommendations prioritized as short-term or long-term. This report often “thuds” when it hits your desk.

This is NOT just an audit! An audit commonly lists issues and may link to resources, but a typical site audit seldom gives a comprehensive and detailed solution. In fact, we find audits to often be superficial and offer vague solutions. Our research covers hundreds of tests and review topics and has met with great success. Many clients have received a Bruce Clay SEO Audit and then ordered more for their other properties. An SEO Audit should be what moves the needle. Please do not be confused — you want results, and an Audit is a great first step.

Search Engine Ranking Monitoring

As part of your Site Audit, you will be given a subscription to the SEOToolSet™ to help you monitor your site’s search engine rankings for its targeted keywords. As part of the monitoring phase of your evaluation, you will be privy to proprietary Search Engine Ranking Reports showing your site’s unbiased (non-personalized) ranking in each of the watched engines. We believe this is invaluable information for any company serious about SEO.

SEO Training Services

Because we want you to be fully involved in the success of your site, your SEO Site Audit comes with a free pass to our 4.5-day Bruce Clay SEO Training course. This class is taught by Bruce Clay himself about once each quarter. This course will explain, in detail, fundamental organic SEO concepts and principles, while bringing you up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends.

SEO Consulting Services

Every SEO Site Audit also allows you to experience our search engine optimization consultation services. You will be allotted time for follow-up consulting to discuss your site with a trained SEO analyst in order to cover the items in the Audit.

Your analyst will work with you and give you verbal and written recommendations to understand and apply what we meant, and potential additional ways to improve your site.

For more information about our SEO Site Audit and our other search engine marketing services, please complete the SEO proposal request form or call us at (866) 517-1900.

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