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Search Engine Submission

This page is designed to help you understand the relationship between the leading search engines and directories. We have tried to keep this page short and to the point, especially since some of our site focuses heavily on SEO marketing tools and search engine optimization techniques.

The things to remember are that you must have suitable URL content and be engineered to beat your competition with the various engines before you register with these engines. Just registering with an engine does will not necessarily improve search engine ranking. It is vital that your site be found in all of the major engines, not just in one engine.

This page focuses on hand search engine submission links, techniques, and SEO tools. Hand submission is effective and not too expensive if you limit your hand submissions to the major search engines. But beyond these few sites the return on investment quickly decreases (takes too much time thus becomes too expensive) and you must use an automated tool.

This page is a part of a MUCH larger site discussing website search engine optimization and offering FREE advice and SEO tips on how to get more visitors to your site. It is recommended that you visit our HOME page and browse the entire site for more information about search engine placement, SEO marketing and our search engine ranking services.

Search Engine Relationships

Search Engine Relationship Chart ®

Want to see how the search engines and directories relate to each other? View our Search Engine Relationship Chart®. This is a 290k PDF suitable for color printing! And the links are all active.