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We understand the business cost and the intricacies of managing a PPC account and offer our Professional Pay Per Click Management Services to help you manage these accounts.

Our service is based upon high-end PPC Management services customized to our specifications and supported by our professionally trained SEM Analysts.

Save Time, Labor and Get Better PPC Performance

Our Professional PPC Management Services include:

  • Continual monitoring of your PPC search term bids
  • Support for Google AdWords and MSN adCenter Pay Per Click Programs
  • Minimum and maximum keyword cost PPC bid management

Our Professional PPC Management Process

Leveraging our SEO Process, we’ve developed a similar methodology to optimize the value that you get from your PPC accounts. Our methodology is a 4-Step process of:

  1. Discovery: Define your business goals, such as Cost Per Click or Cost Per Sale and establish these rules for each PPC account and campaign. Review and analyze your current keywords and perform extensive market and competitive research for other keyword opportunities. Review and analyze Titles, Descriptions, and Landing Pages for each keyword.
  2. Design: Establish a test plan to optimize Keywords, Titles, and Descriptions. Create a bid strategy and tactical business rules based upon defined business goals.
  3. Development: Write all new Titles and Descriptions for each keyword. Leverage agency relationships with search engines to expedite keyword submission and editorial review.
  4. Deployment: Launch Automatic Monitoring Service employing established business rules. Measure results, apply insights, and continue to optimize Keywords, Titles, and Descriptions. Continual communication of your Pay Per Click accounts performance.

Account Performance Review

Bruce Clay, Inc.’s methodology is to increase campaign efficiency by expanding the current number of conversions while lowering the cost per action through active day-to-day campaign management. We actively work with our clients to manage their pay-per-click campaigns to ensure they meet their online marketing goals.

Our Professional PPC Management service also includes periodic account review conference calls to ensure our service is working for you.

We will monitor and analyze account performance and, review the results with you and answer any questions you may have regarding the performance findings & insights, management process, deliverables, etc., during scheduled conference calls. In addition, we will communicate additional market share acquisition opportunities, next steps, and cost savings reinvestments.

Bruce Clay, Inc. is a Pay Per Click (PPC) company that understands how vital a role pay-per-click campaign(s) can play in search engine marketing. Our PPC experts provide wide-ranging PPC Online Advertising services as part of ongoing Internet advertising. We take great pride executing a “Best Practices” approach for all campaigns. From the beginning, our goal is to seek out creative and effective strategies resulting in a more powerful online presence.

FAQ: What are the key benefits of hiring SEM Analysts for my PPC campaigns?

Running successful PPC campaigns requires a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in search engine marketing. This is where SEM Analysts prove to be invaluable assets for businesses. Hiring SEM Analysts comes with many benefits that can significantly impact the success of your PPC endeavors.

First and foremost, SEM Analysts are trained experts in optimizing PPC campaigns. They possess in-depth knowledge of industry trends, search engine algorithms, and keyword research methods – giving them an edge when crafting PPC strategies that target keywords that resonate with your audience and increase click-through and conversion rates.

Moreover, SEM Analysts continuously monitor and analyze your PPC campaigns’ performance. Key metrics they closely track include click-through rate, cost per click, and return on advertising expenditure (ROAS). This data allows them to identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions.

Another significant benefit of hiring SEM Analysts is their ability to conduct comprehensive competitor research. Your consultants will evaluate the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or online advertising strategy of your competitors to understand their strengths, and then create an affordable campaign tailored specifically for your business. With competitive intelligence at hand, you may discover opportunities your rivals have overlooked that you could seize upon.

In addition to optimizing your PPC campaigns, SEM Analysts offer valuable insights and recommendations for your overall digital marketing strategy. They understand the importance of aligning PPC efforts with other marketing channels, such as SEO and social media. This synergy enhances the overall impact of your marketing efforts and ensures a cohesive brand presence across platforms.

Furthermore, SEM Analysts are adept at A/B testing and landing page optimization. They experiment with different ad copies, call-to-action buttons, and landing page designs to identify the most effective combinations. Over time, these iterative improvements lead to higher conversion rates and a more cost-effective PPC campaign.

Hiring SEM Analysts for your PPC campaigns brings many benefits to your business. Their expertise, data-driven approach, competitor analysis, and integration with other marketing efforts contribute to a more prosperous and profitable PPC strategy. With their help, you can confidently navigate the complexities of search engine marketing and achieve outstanding results for your business.

Step-By-Step Procedure for Hiring SEM Analysts (PPC Campaigns): 

  1. Conduct an audit of your current PPC campaigns to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Research and identify reputable SEM Analysts or agencies with a track record of success.
  3. Schedule consultations with potential SEM Analysts to discuss your business goals and objectives.
  4. Evaluate the SEM Analysts’ expertise in PPC, competitor analysis, and data-driven decision-making.
  5. Request case studies or references to validate their past performance and client satisfaction.
  6. Define clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your PPC campaigns in collaboration with the SEM Analysts.
  7. Collaborate with the SEM Analysts to develop a comprehensive PPC strategy tailored to your business goals.
  8. Allow SEM Analysts to conduct in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis.
  9. Implement A/B testing for ad copies, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons.
  10. Monitor PPC campaigns closely, tracking key metrics regularly to identify areas for improvement.
  11. Analyze campaign data to make data-driven decisions and optimize your PPC budget.
  12. Continuously communicate and collaborate with SEM Analysts to ensure alignment with overall marketing efforts.
  13. Stay informed about industry trends and updates to adapt your PPC strategy accordingly.
  14. Regularly review and discuss performance reports with SEM Analysts to address any challenges or capitalize on opportunities.
  15. Implement recommendations provided by SEM Analysts to improve the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.
  16. Stay open to experimenting with new strategies and techniques to enhance campaign performance.
  17. Encourage SEM Analysts to provide regular updates and insights on the market landscape and competitor activities.
  18. Invest in ongoing training and development for your SEM Analysts to keep them updated with the latest industry best practices.
  19. Consider scaling up your PPC efforts and budget based on the positive results achieved with SEM Analysts’ assistance.
  20. Continuously assess the ROI of hiring SEM Analysts and make data-driven decisions on their ongoing involvement in your PPC campaigns.

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