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August 29, 2012

Content Marketing: Everything Old is New Again

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For the past few weeks, my Twitter stream—and yours too, probably—has lit up with tweets, links, and hashtags about content marketing. It seems to be the hot concept right now. If you’re not doing content marketing, well, you’re just doing everything wrong, then. For so many people to be talking about the same thing, it surely must be a new concept, right? Why would anyone talk about something that’s been going on for more than half a century?

Much like fashion, marketing tactics come and go in cycles, and right now, we’re in a content marketing cycle. Granted it may be slightly different than previous ones in that digital media has evolved to offer brands new ways to market their products and services. But the fact is, content marketing is not new. It’s a well-established marketing method that has been successful for decades upon decades. So yes, if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out. But the question isn’t are you doing it; it’s how are you doing it?

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