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January 7, 2016

The Digital Marketing Conference Calendar: 100+ Events Across the Globe, Updated for 2016

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Throughout the year, Digital marketing conferences are held all over the world, from Los Angeles to Paris and everywhere in between. The thousands of SEOs, SEMs, content marketers, social media strategists and business owners who attend these conferences do so for the whirlwind of information, education and networking.

Where else but an Digital marketing conference can you learn from the likes of Gary Illyes, Duane Forrester, John Mueller, Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim and Bruce Clay all in a single day? 2016 holds more than 100 digital marketing conferences and events and we’ve updated our Internet Marketing Conference Calendar to help you view them all to start planning your year ahead. (Click here to skip straight ahead to the calendar).

Digital Marketing Conference Calendar

Save on Digital Marketing Conferences: Plan Now, Spend Less

Everyone likes a good deal, and the easiest way to save on a digital marketing conference is to book early. You can save up to hundreds of dollars when you take advantage early bird rates. Plan early and save big! Map out your conference attendance with the Digital Marketing Conference Calendar — it’s your exclusive guide for 100+ Digital marketing conferences of 2016 and beyond. Where will you go? Maybe you’ll head off to SMX Paris? Or perhaps you’ll head to New York City for Affiliate Summit East. You definitely don’t want to miss SEO training with Bruce Clay in SoCal!

The 2016 Digital Marketing Conference Calendar

May 2016
SearchLove May 3-4 Boston
Pubcon Austin May 3 Austin
Digital Growth Summit May 6 Santa Monica
ad:tech May 11-12 Los Angeles
Engage May 11-14 Prague
BIA/Hustle Con May 13 Oakland
BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE May 16-18 Austin
An Event Apart May 16-18 Boston
SEOToolSet Training May 16-20 Los Angeles
Content Marketing Conference May 17-19 Las Vegas
Conversion Conference May 18-19 Las Vegas
Confab Central May 18-20 Minneapolis
The Inbounder May 19-20 Valencia
SMX London May 20-21 London
Shift May 24-25 London
The Social Shake-up May 24-25 Atlanta
Buying Time May 25 New York
Search Marketing Summit May 30-June 3 Sydney
June 2016
SMX Paris June 1-2 Paris
Social Media Strategies Summit June 1-3 New York
Social Media Week June 6-10 Los Angeles
Social Media Week June 6-10 Mexico City
Social Media Week June 6-10 Milan
IRCE June 7-10 Chicago
Big Digital June 7-8 Adelaide
eMetrics Summit June 20-23 Chicago
SMX Advanced June 21-22 Seattle
SEJ Summit June 22 Chicago
Ungagged June 23-24 London
MN Search Summit June 4 Minneapolis
Digital Summit June 15-16 Denver
Call to Action Conference June 19-21 Vancouver
Rocks Digital June 29-July 1 Addison
July 2016
eMetrics Summit July 1-2 Milan
SEO Campixx July 3 Berlin
Podcast Movement July 6-8 Chicago
Type-A Parent Blogger Conference July 7-9 Santa Fe
SEOToolSet Training July 11-15 Los Angeles
Learn Inbound July 20 Dublin
An Event Apart July 25-27 Washington D.C.
Affiliate Summit East July 31- Aug. 2 New York
August 2016
Blogher Aug. 4-6 Los Angeles
World Domination Aug. 11-15 Portland
Social Fresh Aug. 18-21 Orlando
LeadsCon August 22-24 New York
An Event Apart Aug. 29-31 Chicago
Content Marketing World Sept. 6-9 Cleveland
SEOToolSet Training Sept. 12-16 Los Angeles
Social Media Week Sept. 12-16 London
Social Media Week Sept. 12-16 Miami
Social Media Week Sept. 12-16 Mumbai
Social Media Week Sept. 12-16 Sao Paulo
MozCon Sept. 12-14 Seattle
Branding Energy Sept. 19-20 Reykjavik
SMX East Sept. 27-29 New York
October 2016
An Event Apart Oct. 3-5 Orlando
Content Strategy Forum Oct. 5-7 Melbourne
Blogher Oct. 7-8 Austin
Pubcon Oct. 10-13 Las Vegas
Conversion Conference Oct. 12-13 London
eMetrics Summit Oct. 12-13 London
&Then Oct. 16-18 Los Angeles
SearchLove Oct. 17-18 London
B2B Marketing Forum Oct. 18-21 Boston
Learn Inbound Oct. 19 Dublin
Hero Conf Oct. 24-26 London
eMetrics Summit Oct. 24-27 New York
Type-A Parent Blogger Conference Oct. 27-29 Orlando
An Event Apart Oct. 31-Nov. 2 San Francisco
November 2016
SEJ Summit Nov. 2 New York
Social Media Strategies Summit Nov. 2-3 Boston
ad:tech Nov. 2-3 New York
eMetrics Summit Nov. 8-9 Berlin
INBOUND Nov. 8-11 Boston
DFWSEM State of Search Nov. 14-15 Dallas
Social Media Week Nov. 14-18 Chicago
Social Media Week Nov. 14-18 Rotterdam
Social Media Week Nov. 14-18 Santiago
Social Media Week Nov. 14-18 Sydney
Ungagged Nov. 14 Las Vegas
December 2016
SEOToolSet Training Dec. 5-9 Los Angeles

Show previous dates

Want to add the Internet Marketing Conference Calendar to your Google Calendar to better see which upcoming events fit your schedule best? Add it to your Google Calendar here (once it’s added you can toggle it on or off once it’s added).

Internet Marketing Conference Fast Facts

  • There are more than 100 digital marketing conferences in 2016.
  • March is the busiest conference month.
  • San Francisco is the epicenter of Digital marketing conferences — more conferences take place there than in any other city.
  • The longest digital marketing conference of 2016 is the Digimarcon Cruise. That’s right — digital marketers will set off on a cruise that departs from Galveston, Texas in April for an entire week of seafaring, sunshine and digital marketing education in Honduras, Belize and Mexico.

Add Your Event: Digital Marketing Conference Calendar Submissions

If you know of an event that you think should be included on this calendar, we want to hear about it! The Internet Marketing Conference Calendar is open to any conference associated with Digital marketing, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, Internet technology, B2B and B2C. Meetups will not be included on this calendar. If you’d like to submit a conference or event for inclusion on the calendar, please email Social-BC[at]BruceClay[dot]com with the name and dates of the conference, and a link to the conference website.

What Digital marketing conferences are you most looking forward to in 2016? Share with us in the comments!

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19 responses to “The Digital Marketing Conference Calendar: 100+ Events Across the Globe, Updated for 2016”

  1. Al Gomez writes:

    My wife and I attended an SEO event in Hong Kong way back and that’s when we learned about the New Business Model (NBM). Now, it makes managing our agency a lot easier. Of all these events, the closest one is Singapore. I hope we can attend that one next year. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Cassandra Moore writes:

    I really love to learn more and more about SEO. I am yet to get a chance to attend a SEO conference but I am really looking forward to attend the conference arranged by Elance next month in our city. I am hoping to see some real good SEO professionals their. :)

  3. AuthoritativeReview writes:

    I am a new SEO learner and I think conferences are good way to learn and connect with people.

  4. Paula Allen writes:

    Yes, conferences are packed with opportunities to learn and connect. If you’re learning SEO, you must check out our new online SEO Tutorial. It’s packed with information to help you understand the best practices, and you can use the many embedded free tools to start analyzing your or your competitors’ sites. Here it is:

  5. Dan writes:

    I wish I have enough time and $ to join one of these events :) Which of them do you recommend for Europeans?

  6. Chelsea Adams writes:


    You really can’t beat the SMX conferences. There are several European options, including: SMX Munich March 17-18, SMX London May 13-14, SMX Paris June 2015 (dated to be announced), and SMX Milan November 2015 (again, date to be announced soon).

  7. Hemanth Malli writes:

    This digital marketing calendar was good.

  8. Dan writes:

    Thanks Chelsea. I will propose it for my supervisor ;) SMX Munich is soon and not so far from Poland :)

  9. David writes:

    well! I really don’t have enough time to attend all these event. I just have been working with online marketing for about 2 years..So, I really want to improve my skill by check out all such courses.

  10. Jack Leblond writes:

    You seem to have missed PubCon Austin. It’ll be Monday, April 20th.

  11. Mike Chrest writes:

    Wish i could go to at least 5 of those ! Pubcon was good , not 100% sure i would go back to that one but it was good. tons of great info!.

  12. Gianpaolo writes:

    Hi Kristi,
    terrific list. Thanks
    May I suggest to add
    It is the largest conference about PPC & contextual advertising in Southern Europe (and the 2nd largest in Europe).
    It is held in Bologna – Italy (or via online live streaming) on April 14-15, 2016.
    This year we have among the speakers Frederick Vallaeys (ex Google evangelist & founder of Optmyrz), Brad Geddes, Matt Umbro (Hanapin / PPCHero), Martin Roettgerding, Helena clark (Periscopix) and other well known top ppc specialists.
    It is so good that, as you can see yourself, your European branch is sponsoring it! ;-)

  13. Kristi Kellogg writes:

    Thanks Gianpaolo! It’s been added. Thanks!

  14. Marco Janck writes:

    Hey, take a look @ CAMPIXX:Week Berlin. A great online marketing event in germany.

  15. Kristi Kellogg writes:

    Added! Thanks for telling us about this Marco! -Kristi

  16. Heidi writes:

    Hi Kristi,

    Great list. Thank you so much for taking the time to publish for us.

    May I suggest to add

    An international top-level convention on the branding of energy utilities held in Reykjavik – Iceland, September 19-20 – 2016.

  17. Kristi Kellogg writes:

    Thank you for sharing Heidi! Branding Energy, which looks awesome, has been added :)

  18. Branding writes:

    Great Post.

  19. Rahul writes:

    Thanks for the awesome info on Digital Marketing Conference Events. It’s been added. Wish i could go to at least 2 of them.

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