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February 15, 2011

SEO Hot Tub – February 12, 2011

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Welcome back to our SEO Hot Tub! The major topics covered during this session include Facebook page redesign, the top ten social media tips, changes in Bing results and some good stuff about optimisation.

Facebook Page Redesign 2011

Facebook has launched a major redesign of pages for businesses and public figures. It has been launched today, but will not be compulsory until 1st March 2011. Users can now navigate using a panel on the left hand side, instead of tabs. This may reduce the frequency of visits to other tabs from the default-landing page. Additionally, users will see a mutual friends and interests panel on the top right displaying which of their friends also like this page. Another new feature includes using ‘Facebook as Page’.  Once switched, administrators can receive notifications about their page and comment under their page’s alias.

Bing results get localised and personalised

Until today, everyone searching at Bing within the country generally saw the same results. Now, the city we are searching from can make a difference. According to Danny Sullivan, Bing is also now using past searches to reshape results for about 30% of queries that are “navigational” in nature, where a searcher is trying to find a specific web site.

Google Censors “Piratey” Searches

Google is now censoring any searches that are closely associated with piracy. They will be creating a large blacklist including various search terms associated with:

  • Torrenting software
  • Major Torrenting sites
  • Rapid sharing terms
  • Rapid sharing sites and software

This will be however, only implemented in Google Instant and “Auto Complete” services. Other non-instant searches and real time searches will be as they are.

Linking Google Analytics to Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can now be linked if they use the same Google Account. Once they are linked, few Google Analytics features can be more easily accessible within the Webmaster Tools:

  • Google Analytics Referring Pages report can be accessed directly from the Links to your site page in Webmaster Tools. This report will help to understand the overall trends in traffic volume from referrals, as well as the sites driving those trends.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard  can be accessed directly from the Analytics link in the top left bar.

Hotpot details get added to local search

Google’s hotpot was launched a few months back and now is growing tremendously. Google announced that they are integrating the Hotpot data directly into the local results. This change can add the following to the results:

  • Ratings by Friends
  • Names of Friends
  • Photos by Friends

And that’s a wrap from Bruce Clay Australia’s latest SEO Hot Tub! Keep watching for more updates and feel free to put forward your comments.

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