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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

When people search for your brand or your targeted keywords in Google or through a voice search, does your website come up? Although achieving visibility and rankings in search engine results is not easy, it can be done. We’ve helped thousands of websites earn converting traffic through SEO.

Bruce Clay is considered by many in the industry as the father of search engine optimization. As a leading search marketing agency with offices around the globe, we have made ethical, technical SEO consulting services our specialty. Our SEO analysts average 10+ years of experience and bring their knowledge to drive your traffic to new levels.

As a leading search marketing agency, we help clients that range from local or mid-level businesses to enterprise organizations meet their SEO challenges. Whether you’re struggling with a drop in search traffic, planning a complete site redesign, or need more website traffic and revenue, we can help. Learn more about our SEO services, our expert SEO training membership programs, our SEO tools or our How to do SEO Guide. See what you have been missing.


SEO Training

We have been providing SEO training as an extension of our SEO services since 1999. Bruce Clay is the master that has trained many other search marketing agencies. Marketers worldwide have learned ethical search engine optimization from Bruce Clay. Many people retake the course year after year to keep their SEO knowledge up to date.

Our regularly updated course teaches our legendary SEO methods. It’s now available online as a part of our comprehensive SEO training membership solution — for more information, visit our SEO training site,

This course covers the latest industry best practices and search engine guidelines. Training is offered as a 50-part (subject to expansion) self-paced professional training course, with many additional member resources including live, interactive sessions. Online classes are also available for large groups as well as (eventually) onsite classes at client locations. Click to see all SEO training details.

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SEO Tools

We have been providing SEO tools since 1996. First invented to support our own search marketing agency work, these tools are available to marketers worldwide as SEO power tools that do what other tools can’t. Our SaaS software tools take SEO services to the next level — and they are now offered to all users.

If you use WordPress, try our Bruce Clay SEO for WP plugin. It offers reports not previously available to writers at the point of content creation. It complements, not replaces Yoast SEO … and it comes with an SEOToolSet® subscription.

These SEO tools (all of them) come with a 7-day money-back trial period for you to decide if you like them. No harm in trying them for free. If you do not cancel, then your low-cost tools subscription starts monthly, and you may cancel anytime. Learn more about our SEO tools.


SEM / PPC (Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click)

Pay-per-click advertising provides the quickest way to bring new traffic and revenue to a website. While search engine optimization generates free traffic, it takes time to see results. Paid ads, on the other hand, can provide near-instantaneous results. Our blog talks about what is SEM.

The results of a PPC campaign greatly depend on how well it is managed. Our expert SEM consultants can manage your complete project from keyword selection to bidding.

Our full search advertising services can cover search engines like Google and Bing, social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – or wherever you can best reach your target audience. Learn more about PPC and our PPC management services.


Content Development

Not having enough high-quality content has become a barrier to entry in search marketing. In competitive niches, a website needs excellent content to compete. You cannot be a subject matter expert without it! As a reputable search marketing agency, we do not spam and we are almost militant about providing great and appropriate services for our clients. There are way too many people preying on marketers that simply do not understand content rules.

Our content service covers most types of written content for websites. Our copywriters produce quality content to enhance your brand and satisfy your customers. Hiring Bruce Clay ensures that your webpages are optimized with SEO best practices in mind. Learn more about quality content and our copywriting services.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Paid social media (ads) let you get the word out about your business to a wide audience of your choosing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have transformed traditional marketing. Businesses can use paid social media campaigns to increase their brand authority and reach customers as never before.

Our creative social media marketing specialists will work with your team to pinpoint the right audiences online and manage advertising spend for maximum results. A social media marketing campaign must be designed to offer the right bait and to appear where and when your audience is ready for it. That takes a lot of both analysis and experimentation/targeting.

Many clients pair social ad campaigns with our other SEM and SEO services to boost their brand, website traffic and leads. Learn more about our social media marketing services.


We asked our clients why they hired Bruce Clay

This is what they told us
  • Because our site redesign cost a big drop in traffic.

    We were super excited about the new site redesign at first. Everybody was happy with all the PowerPoints we saw. Our design agency told us that a redesign would cause a temporary dip in traffic, but that we’d start seeing things come back in a couple of months. Six months went by and nothing happened. Traffic was still down and the site had not bounced back. It was a hard pill to swallow. Clearly there was something off.
  • We needed deeper page-by-page analysis to move the traffic needle.

    We used to analyze our site only from a bird’s-eye view. We discovered — the hard way — that our general approach did not pinpoint our real SEO problems. If you look at overall site statistics only, the pages that perform well hide the pages that are lagging behind. Many agencies focus on the top 10 or 20 pages of a site. But that is NOT enough. We needed an agency that would go beyond those top pages to see what's happening.
  • We needed a clear action plan for how to rank on top of SERPs.

    Ranking for competitive terms is hard. We did not need fluffy advice. We needed to hire an SEO agency that could give us the exact steps to start ranking.
  • Because SEO gets more complex by the day, simple updates didn’t cut it anymore.

    We knew that ranking would require more than updating some meta description and title tags. Google updates its algorithm every day and runs major updates every couple of months. It is tough to rank. It is tougher to keep your ranking when competitors are constantly trying to take your spot. We had to work with experts who would keep track of all the moving targets and deliver on the goals we needed.
  • We needed a different kind of agency — one that not only does the work, but also shows us how to do it.

    Some SEO agencies keep the details of how they do the work away from their clients. It is their secret sauce after all. We needed something more. We needed a team that would actually explain and show us how the work is done.
  • Our previous SEO agency expected us to lead the project instead of them.

    We were pulling the data and trying to figure out why our site was not ranking for money terms. In meeting after meeting, we told our consultant what they should focus on and what new tactic they should try. It seemed like we were doing all the research and they were waiting on us to tell them what to do next.
  • We needed a strong technical SEO team.

    Everyone understands the basic SEO stuff — but that doesn’t cut it anymore. We needed an agency that knew the nitty gritty details of technical SEO. They had to have technical expertise to understand the complexities of our site. We needed an agency that could look in the server logs, analyze behavioral flow, find internal link opportunities, and tell our developers what they needed to do exactly.
  • Tactics are good, strategy is nice — we needed both.

    We worked with agencies that gave us tactical details but lost sight of the big picture. We also worked with agencies that talked about strategy, but the devil is in the details. We knew that successful SEO means working with an agency that combines both.
  • Because hiring an SEO company should not feel like a gamble.

    We talked to several SEO agencies. We went through many SEO freelancers. We started to wonder if there was anybody who is good, anybody who actually knows this stuff. SEO is outside of our comfort zone, and we were burned several times by hiring the wrong agency. It was horrendous. It was time to hire someone who could get things done.


Author Bruce Clay, who has taught classroom-style SEO courses to thousands worldwide, knows how to break down the huge topic of SEO into manageable chunks. This SEO desk reference is a helpful SEO companion.


SEO Training with Bruce Clay

What: 15+ hour SEO training course with many interactive member resources
Where: Online at
Length: At your own pace

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