Analytics for the Latino Markets — SES New York 2011

Analytics sessions, like legal sessions and eye-tracking sessions, are my catnip. I just can’t resist them, no matter how much I try. Which is why we’re here in our second analytics session in a row. Ready?

Now that you’ve got the players, let’s get right to the game. (Opening Day at Dodger Stadium is 8 days. Oh yeah.)

Panel: analytics for latino markets

Paul Lima is up first.

Digital Marketing is the new finance

Digital Marketing

Why Analytics?

Customer Insights and actionable intelligence

Good job on coming into this room instead of the Facebook room. They’re still trying to figure out how to make money, we’re actually learning how to do it.

We’re moving beyond Caveman Analytics (see last session)

Popular metrics are not always the most effective. Don’t do time. Analyzing data in aggregate is a crime. Segment then analyze.

“Begin with the end in mind” You need to know what you’re measuring before you start.

5 tips on segmentation

Needs Based Segmentation

Need-based Segments

Language is easy and obvious. Need — security, power, esteem, change — is harder and less obvious to target.

Use segmentation maps

Use psychographic segmentation for professional services

— Validators are the most valuable statistically.

Align your segments with your product portfolio

Use psychographic profiles for online purchasing segments

Case study: school for struggling teens

Who are your customers? They thought they were pitching to the moms – soft, embarassed, worried. But the decision makers were the fathers – professional, direct, aggressive.

Barbara Billingsley versus Gordon Gekko

Hispanics Engage even more than non-hispanics

[and he just blew through about five slides — yikes]

Fernando Rodriguez is up.  He makes a joke about the snow… WHAT SNOW?

What’s the difference between the general US market, the US Hispanic market and the Latin American market. LatAm is slightly behind in the use and adoption of analytics tools

Forward looking view:

  • Mobiles and connected devices: can we keep up?
  • Do we understand the new landscape of mobile operating systems and aqpps?
  • De-emphasize click and web measurement/should focus more on the consumer behind the mouse
  • The privacy debate versus the benefits of a personal experience.

-US Hispanics spend more $ per ecommerce transaction vs. non-Hispanics. More receptive to online advertising & new digital media experiences.

– LatAm Internet Users are 24% more likely to use social networking vs. avg. global internet user

He swiped his next slide from a MorganStanley presentation. Hee.  Basically there’s a huge global opportunity that we’re still missing out on. US Hispanic markets could offer 1B in revenue.

Armando Rodriguez (who recently joined us on the blog) is up next.

113 dollars/user vs 6-7 dollars/user for us hispanics.

TV is king in the Latin markets, even in the US.

How do we shift those dollars from offline to online?

How do we bring together the publisher and the advertisers?

Science, Art and Scale

Science gives us the data that we need but how do we leverage that to provide innovative and personal experiences? Can we scale it?

Create deeply personal experiences

  • 45,000 different versions of the Yahoo! home page based on the user’s need and interests.

Drive Scale with Insights

  • Allow for navigation in Spanish and English as well as advertising in both.

Use facts to create understanding

Pre-Sale knowledge drives analytics during the campaign drives recommendations for solutions drives pre-sale planning in the future

Key Takeaways: Yahoo’s POV

  • Insight, not Hindsight – use facts to create understanding Latino audience
  • Unlock creativity: interactivity – build lasting engagement
  • Touch meaningful numbers – reach right audience with right message

Susan Esparza is former managing editor at Bruce Clay Inc., and has written extensively for clients and internal publications. Along with Bruce Clay, she is co-author of the first edition of Search Engine Optimization All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies.

See Susan's author page for links to connect on social media.

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