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Update: This invite to the BuzzStream private beta is now closed. If you would like to find out how to receive an invitation to the BuzzStream beta CRM for link building management, please visit

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In case you were wondering, there are some definite perks to being a blogger. This week I was invited on a personal tour of a link building management tool in private beta. BuzzStream offers Internet marketers a way to keep track of link building efforts in a single place with little data entry and lots of saved time.

It turns out there are some perks to reading blogs, too. Thanks to the generosity of BuzzStream co-founder Jeremy Bencken, 45 of you lucky readers will get access to the private beta suite of link building management tools. (Jeremy gave us 50 access codes but we’re hoarding five for ourselves! What? We like toys, too!)

Use the BuzzMarklet to bookmark
link prospects while you’re browsing.

You may have already heard about how BuzzStream works, in which case you’ve just been waiting to get your hands on it. But if you haven’t heard of BuzzStream, let me tell you about the new tool hitting the scene. It’s set to make life a little simpler — one link prospect at a time.

BuzzStream is a customer relationship management system (CRM) for link building. From your browser, a simple click of a button on your toolbar will call the BuzzMarklet popup (seen to the right). BuzzStream automatically pulls a number of data points from the page you are viewing in your browser, including the domain’s PageRank and age, the IP address and the number of inbound links. In the contact info area, any emails, phone numbers and addresses found on the site are automatically filled in. You can even do a Whois lookup if you’re not satisfied with the info sniffed out on the site. Now, all you’ve got left to do is:

  • Rate the site — from very low to very high
  • Choose the relationship stage — not started, attempting to reach, under review, link agreement, rejected or inactive
  • Indicate the acquisition method — organic, exchange, self submit or purchase
  • Specify your ideal anchor text

Then hit save. So. Very. Easy.

Once you’ve done all the digging you can keep track of your links from the link management dashboard. Each time you load the dashboard, BuzzStream automatically checks to see if the link is still there and alerts you if it’s gone or altered. You can filter your link prospects by PageRank or by the team member links have been assigned to as well as a number of other advanced filters. By clicking on a specific link partner you can find out all the history that has gone on with that link, like how many times the site has been contacted. Coming soon is a backlink checker that will allow you to find all backlinks to your site from your link partner sites.

BuzzStream link management dashboard 2
BuzzStream application link management dashboard

I talked to Kate Morris, director of client strategies at New Edge Media, who has been using BuzzStream for about a month now for a client’s link earning campaign. For her, the beauty of BuzzStream is that “it’s integrated with a search marketer’s every day tasks.”

“It lets you keep track of all of the links that you would like to build and all of the links that you have built so that you’re not duplicating effort,” Kate said. “And you don’t have to keep some huge spreadsheet and go back and forth between Excel and your browser.”

For those looking to get the biggest bang from BuzzStream, take a lesson from Kate. She uses BuzzStream in tandem with a backlink tool. As she goes through the competitive reports, she “buzzmarks” all the pages she likes with the BuzzMarklet. I asked what suggestion she’d give to people just starting to use BuzzStream and the tip is as simple as the tool: Install the buzzmarker button into your browser toolbar and then start with one project. She said that once you start using BuzzStream it’s intuitive from there. After playing around with the tools for a couple days now, I’ll second that opinion.

If you’re attending PubCon South this week, attend the BuzzStream Party on Wednesday night. All attendees will receive an invite to the private beta. Talk about party favors!

If like me you won’t be attending the show, there’s still a chance to catch the BuzzStream action. Just let me know in the comments if you want in on the buzz and be sure to leave an email address for me to contact you. Once BuzzStream drops its training wheels, the tools will be on a subscription-based model. But in the meantime, the first 45 commenters will get a head start with free access to the private beta.

Virginia Nussey is the director of content marketing at MobileMonkey. Prior to joining this startup in 2018, Virginia was the operations and content manager at Bruce Clay Inc., having joined the company in 2008 as a writer and blogger.

See Virginia's author page for links to connect on social media.

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61 Replies to “BuzzStream: Link Building at its Best”

Sounds like an interesting tool. Link building is one of the key parts of SEO.

Very informative in 2021!

Hi it seems to be a god tool for the link building.I like the layout of this tool and compelement for author looks beauty full.

This is a great post, adn as SEO changes, these creative ideas will come in handy!

Look like a great tool. How do I get my hands on this

just curious how different this is to say IBP’s Arelis link-management-tracking tool, which has been around for years? Lets you find links and track their status.
Also BRad Callens products – I forget whether it’s seoelite or keywordelite – at least one of them has got similar link management facilities in them. Also around for years.

Would love to be a part of the beta. Please let me know!


I love this tool. May I get an invite… PRETTY PLEASE =]

Virginia Nussey

Gab, Amit and Phil: Sorry you missed in on the invite. You may be able to request an invite by visiting . Good luck!

looks like a cool tool.
thanks for this shared

Phil Byrne


Sounds an interesting tool. Would love to receive an invite and test BuzzStream from a UK based perspective.

Many thanks


Poop, looks like I just missed out… any chance of a 46th invite :D?

Virginia Nussey

Thanks everybody! The invite is now closed. To the lucky 45 of you who left a comment, check your email! You’ll find your invite code. Enjoy!


Virgina – If I’m not too late then count me in as well. This sounds like it could take away a headache or two for myself – which is always welcome. Thanks!

I’d love an invite, thanks!

Thanks! I hope I still made it, I’d love an invite!

I’d love an invite, Virgina!!!

Hiya V … sounds like fun to me… gimme da keys and let me take ‘er for a ride!!

I´m eager to test!
thx in advance.

I want to try one Please!



Hey count me in too! Can’t wait.

Good luck filling your quota =)

I’d love to have one pretty please! @mosquitohawk

This sounds great. Can I get access to try it out?


Can’t wait to see the tool in action.

A link building dream come true? :P I would love to try this

sounds like a very cool tool, would love to check it out – thx!

I may be too late… but we’d love the opportunity to try this out! Thanks!

Buzzstream sounds awesome…huge time saver! Lemme in please?


Now this is really great way to increase the number of comments on the blog :P

The tool looks promising and fun to use, I wouldn’t mind getting one of those codes as well :D

Not sure if it’s too late, but I’m dying to give this tool a try!

Stacey Morgan Smith

This sounds like it could be a useful tool. Right now, I have several different excel docs I use to keep track of link building. I’d love a shot at the bet testing!

Sounds like a unique and extremely useful tool. Would appreciate a beta invite! Thanks!

Sounds like a neat tool. I would love a free test if you have one left.

YES! I’m very interested in checking out the BuzzStream beta. Thanks.


I’d love to try it. I was supposed to be at pubcon and the Wed night party and get the invite but I fell too sick to drive there.

Talk about a great idea for not only saving time, but also documenting what is actually going on with a company’s linkbuilding efforts.

I’d love to get in on the beta if you have a pass available.

If it’s not already in the works, I think it would be wonderful to be able to sign up as an SEO with the ability to create sub-accounts for each Client. This would be a great tool for keeping tabs on client-based projects. Additional functionality could result from this type of account setup including both broad and individualized reports.

would love to check it out! thanks

Hi Virginia,

Would love to check Buzzstream out :D

I’d love to check this out.


I hate spreadsheets! Bring on the buzz! I’m excited to try this out


Virginia, I’d love a crack at this tool with an invite.

I was recommended by Dana Lookado and would love to give this a spin around the block.

Sounds cool if there is any left :)

Frances Leyland

I would also love to try this out. It sounds like a real time saver.

Looks like a cool tool.
Any link building aid is always welcome.


I’ll take a beta-key as well please :) This’ll be fun to play around with.

Virginia Nussey

Great response already! By my count that’s 11 invites spoken for. I’m leaving the office now so if your comments aren’t approved right away, nobody worry! I’ll check back in on the comments later tonight.

You had me at free hello or free…one of the the two! Would love to try this out.

I would love to give this a try as it would save me a ton of time from doing the exact same thing you said of switching back and forth from excel and background coloring cells of websites I want to get a link on :). Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Hey Virginia,

Count me in for an invite too please! Thanks!

Damian Blackley

Link building is so time consuming, and this seems like such an elegant solution – I would love to give it a try.
I also think that agencies like to brag about the tools they have – “we have sophisticated automated tools for …” – which I think is often a cop-out – when it comes to anything internet marketing related, you simply can’t beat human intelligence and genuine elbow-grease investment.
But it looks like this is simply a neat little tool to make life easier for those of us who still dedicated themselves to doing things properly and thoroughly.
Thanks for the heads up – great entry, as always!

What’s more exiting than link-building? 500 reps of sit-ups, that’s what! Both necessary evils to get “whoa that definitely ranked” action. ;)

Sounds like an interesting tool, wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

If it saves me time, I want to see it.

I spend almost all of my time link building and this sounds awesome! I’d love to get an invite. Thanks.

Sounds like a great tool – I’d love to check it out!

This sounds a hell of a lot better than scan, scan, scan, copy, open excel, paste, scan, scan, scan, copy, paste, lookup, copy paste, etc…
I want! :P

cool stuff. can’t wait to try it


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