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10 Golden Rules for Best Practice Online Marketing by Tony Keusgen from Technology Markets, Google.
The room is packed, just another indicator of the popularity of any speaker with the word “Google” in their job title. Tony got straight into it with some interesting online marketing trends. Search query volume for “Telco products and services”, this has gone up 235% since 2005. Home video queries have risen 135 % while laptop queries have increased 300% since 2005. During the presentation 11,000 queries related to mobile phones and broadband will take place, thats really amazing.
As Tony says, “metrics matter”, some examples of success metrics are:
• Bounce rates
• Time on site
• Visitor Loyalty
• Lead/appointments
Google insights for search can teach you about seasonality and how to best optimise your site to coincide with this seasonality. Google insights can also help a business learn about product trends and search behaviour. [Insights is a great tool for giving clients a pretty graph showing why they should pick one keyword over another – Kate]
Google’s 10 Golden Rules
• Advertise all saleable products
• Advertise on every relevant keyword
• Campaigns are constantly visible
• Having a “win a click” mentality
• Ensure fresh creative’s and landing pages
• Winning unique selling proposition – Does the user benefit? How?
• Great user experience
• Full tracker capability
• Leverage offline activity online
• Exploit media in terms of ROI: search/context based ads etc
Cross Channel Impact of Search and Display by Mick O’Brien, VP of Operations, APAC, Eyeblaster
Mick’s discussion will concentrate on bridging the gap between display and search. These two disciplines operate completely independently of each other. Search is dominated by Google, while Display is dominated by Fairfax digital.
Different teams working on each discipline often does not communicate between each other and as a result of this synergy and customers are lost. When they work together time on site and total numbers of pages viewed are lifted remarkably. Search is mostly a consumer journey where display can act as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of the search. There are lingering effects of display particularly when brand is used. 1 in 5 search conversions is affected by display advertising.
10 cross-channel recommendations
• Keep lines of communications open
• Share and share alike collective work
• Tag events
• One landing pages
• Create a path for consumers
• Go beyond the last click
• Maintain a unified reporting system
• Don’t be hasty to shift budget from display to search
• View the campaign holistically
• Keep it simple
The rest of the talk went into Eyeblasters tools for bridging the gap between search and display, some nice elements to the tools but it became slightly like a sales pitch. This was confirmed by some less than flattering Twitter comments

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