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April 6, 2006

Engines Must Improve Content Network Ad Placement

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Guest Entry by Cindy Turrietta, SEM Analyst–Bruce Clay, Inc

I was talking with someone the other day who was complaining about the potential for their ads to show up on sites that are built for the sole purpose of providing a place for ads by Goooooogle (Google AdSense) to show. For some strange reason, they did not want their ads showing up on such worthless sites and were complaining about Google allowing it to happen. Then I read this blog entry about a "bad partner" in Yahoo’s network that was causing some grief. I know they (Google and Yahoo) can’t possibly monitor everything, and that advertising is the way they make money, but maybe they really should take a more pro-active approach in ensuring that their publisher network is providing good quality information along with the ads. Maybe then, advertisers would be less hesitant to use contextual advertising.

For now, be sure you use tracking code with your destination URLs, and review your server logs or analytics to see where clicks are coming from. Then check the sites out to make sure you are happy with your ad showing there.

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