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June 18, 2010

Four Ways To Make Pictures And Video Boost Your Ranking

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I was recently interviewed for BNET Australia on search engine optimisation, specifically “Four Ways To Make Pictures And Video Boost Your Ranking”. The topics covered were:
1. Optimise all digital assets
2. Add Engagement Objects to landing pages
3. Use digital asset optimisation and distribution to improve online presence and visibility
4. Leverage traditional SEO strategies

For more information listen here:

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2 responses to “Four Ways To Make Pictures And Video Boost Your Ranking”

  1. dodell writes:

    Dallas – thanks for the positive comment.

    We are expanding this type of content into the courses, but are limited as we already struggle to cover the current content in the time available.
    Contact us when you are thinking of next attending the training and we will let you know how much it has changed since the last time you attended the

  2. Dallas Kelso writes:

    Hi Des,
    Nice interview. We have had a great deal of success ranking YouTube and other video sharing systems. Also, the SEO All In One for Dummies is one of the best resources I own on SEO. The price of that book is so worth the investment.
    Will you be covering engagement objects in greater detail and ranking videos and images in your future courses?
    Dallas Kelso

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