Free SEO Tool Alert: Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword Tool Vets Your Keywords

Did you know that in addition to the SEOToolSet suite of diagnostic tools, many of the Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO power tools have a free, light counterpart? These free tools can help you perform research and collect insights about keywords, links, on-page analysis and competitive analysis. To introduce you to our collection of free SEO tools we’re starting a Free SEO Tool Tuesday series, in which we spotlight one of our 10 free tools, what it does and how to use it. Here’s the first free tool. Enjoy! 

Today’s Free SEO Tool: Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword

Tool type: keyword research, competitive research

What you learn: Enter a keyword phrase to learn the top domains and top URLs that rank in the search engines for that phrase.

Why this matters: By knowing the top ranked sites and pages for a keyword, you get a sense of the competition for this keyword and whether or not your site is a good fit for this SERP. You can use this information during your keyword research process to vet your own keyword list, confirming that a keyword is a target or one that should be scratched off the list.

Here’s the tool; enter a keyword phrase to try it out.

Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword Tool

SEOToolSet® Top Domains

Domain PR AllInTitle Pages Indexed Inbound Links Google Yahoo Search Bing

Individual Pages Ranked

Page URL Google Yahoo Search Bing

How to Use It

1. Enter a keyword phrase into the free Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword tool and press Research Keyword. For best results, only enter one keyword phrase at a time (you can run this tool over and over again with as many keyword phrases as you want).

2. The tool will return two lists, one showing the top 10 domains with the most top-25 rankings for that keyword phrase, and a second list showing the top 10 unique URLs that rank highest for the phrase you entered. The lists show Google, Bing and Yahoo! rankings, and show numbers that represent each site’s current (real-time) ranking position. All of the results you are seeing are unbiased results 100% free of local/historical personalization.

In the below example we’re analyzing the phrase “backpacking sleeping bags.” Feel free to enter a keyword phrase in the above tool to see results unique to your keyword list.


What to Do With This Data

As part of your keyword research vetting process, use the ranking information provided by this tool to evaluate the keyword’s competitive space.

1. Make sure you’re in the right space. Are the websites listed your competitors? Would you be happy ranking for this keyword phrase amongst these websites, or would your website make no sense here? If you would fit right in, your keyword phrase is on the right track. If you stick out like a sore thumb this phrase doesn’t mean to the world (and Google) what it means to you. Scratch it off your list.

2. Feel out competition. Is the space too competitive? When performing keyword research you’re looking for phrases that have high a search volume and low competition mix. You will never outrank Amazon or REI for backpacking gear; are all of the top competitors in this space Amazons and REIs? If yes, you may want to scratch this one off your list and seek out a less competitive high-volume phrase. Remember, we want to capitalize on the opportunity to rank on page one — not page four.

3. Learn from what’s working. Use the list of top Individual Pages Ranked to learn what type of content the search engines consider to be top-notch and highly-relevant for this keyword phrase. How are these pages optimized? What type of content is getting ranked for these keywords? How much crawlable content is on each page?

A great example: Notice the REI page ranking in the number one Google spot isn’t a product page but an article page from the Expert Advice section of their website. This tells me that, when possible, the search engine is looking to rank long-form informative content highly for this keyword phrase. In this scenario you might want to ask yourself: Can I make some long-form informative content that is optimized for this keyword phrase?


Find All Our Free SEO Tools

If you like this tool, bookmark this blog post to use this tool over and over again — or feel free to use this tool embedded within the competitive research step of our SEO tutorial.

Every week for the next 10 weeks we’re going to be telling you how our free tools work, what each tells you, and why you might want to consider using each. Stay tuned to Free SEO Tool Tuesday for more free tools. Or, if you’re not the waiting type, see all the 10 free SEO tools embedded within our free SEO tutorial right now.

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11 Replies to “Free SEO Tool Alert: Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword Tool Vets Your Keywords”

shreya says:

This is Very Useful Tool, I used this Tool(free Version) for My Website. I Found a great keyword to drive more traffic for my Blog. Thanks for sharing!

Lucky says:

Chelsea, I discover this article by chance and when I used this free tool for one of my keywords, it worked beautifully. I found a great keyword where my site can rank easily. Thanks for sharing this great free tool.

Chelsea Adams says:

That is excellent news, Lucky! Glad you’re loving the Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword tool.

Thanks for sharing this tool. I hope this will be helpful for SEO.

Yep, it does show results for However, if you search for a non english term it shows results from that particular google market the language is spoken in. So, thanks guys, this is very helpful.

David Lee says:

Thanks Chelsea for sharing this tool and all the excellent information you provide on this site. I will definitely going to try this out. Keep it up!

Aju A S says:

From the description the tool is really cool. But I am unable to locate the tool. Could you please share the URL with me.

Much thanks.

Chelsea Adams says:

Aju: For your convenience, the free tool is actually embedded right here in this post. Just scroll up, and look for the big blue “Research Keywords” button. That is the Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword tool. If you really want a link to access this tool outside the blog, you can also find this tool embedded in step two of our 19-step free SEO tutorial:

Happy keyword researching!

Vijay says:

Great tool i love this and hope it will help me find out my competitor

Sam says:

Hi, very useful tool, but are these rankings based on I’m based in the UK so was hoping to see competitors listed on


Paula Allen says:

Sam, you’re right. This tool gathers data just for, and in the U.S. Sorry we don’t have other options in the free tool.

In the paid version of SEOToolSet, you can specify dozens of different markets around the world for running the Ranking Monitor. Monitor reports track your own search engine rankings by page and by keyword and can be configured for the U.K. engines. This is different from tracking the top-ranked sites, I realize. But if that would be useful for you, check out our tools at

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