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June 30, 2005

Google is not doing enough for Fraudulent Clicks

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According to Red Herring, Google is not providing enough protection against fraudulent clicks through its pay-per-click advertising. As a result, Google is being sued by a pay-per-click analysis firm called Click Defense.

This is not the first time that the search engines have dealt with lawsuits on the basis of fraudulent click practices. In February, there was a similar case which was levied against all of the search engines. This case also was concerning fraudulent clicks and is still in the process of reaching a verdict.

As far as the lawsuit against Google is concerned, Click Defense is alleging that Google does not protect against fraudulent clicks in order to benefit themselves monetarily. Click Defense would like to see Google reimburse those companies who have experienced fraudulent clicks.

Google seems to see things differently and they have dubbed the case without merit and they plan to fight the allegations.

With advertising the main source of Google’s revenue, ( a whopping $1.256 billion in first quarter earnings) this will be a tough fight for Click Defense.

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