Signing Off

…And it always will be.

That’s it for me, but thanks again to the awesome Bruce Clay, Inc. readers who have put up with me and my crazy over the last two and a half years. You helped make this place home and I take with me all the kindness that was shown here. If you’re looking to keep tabs on me, my Twitter account is the best way to do so. It’ll grant you access to all my mouthing off and rants about how much packing sucks.

Until the next time, Lisa’s out.

[I feel like I should have more commentary here. But all I’ve got is Good Luck, Lisa. We’re going to miss you. –Susan] I’ll miss you too, S. You’ve been an amazing partner in crime. Thanks for it all.

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Good luck in your future endeavors! You’ve been a great asset to this blog and will be valuable to any place you go next!

JDog says:

Goodbye and Goodluck!

Happy Trails and best of luck in the new job. However, I have to think that in the age of Twitter, you’ll be just as ubiquitous as before :.)

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