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The 7 Secrets of SEO Success

I know it’s not Friday and that search marketers aren’t supposed to have any fun on run-of-the-mill Tuesdays, but Quality Nonsense posted a great chart that I feel like needs to be posted today. It does a pretty good job of highlighting the 7 areas you must master in order to successful at search engine optimization. Plus, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded today and the pretty colors sooth my soul:

Accurate, eh? Go clickthrough and visit the site. Their chart is interactive, this one is not.

Bloglines’ Rollout Trifecta

Clearly, my semi-departure from Bloglines has shaken up the Bloglines creators. I say this because ever since I left they’ve been rolling out some great stuff trying to entice me back. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

  • Better Personalization — My recent email buddy Eric Engleman discussed some of the new and old personalization features available to Bloglines users. Users can mark individual feeds as read, entire folders as read, take advantage of a new remember view (this is actually pretty cool) and use Feed CSS. Eric outlines a number of great Bloglines features, so if you’re a loyal Bloglines user or even just thinking about switching over, make sure to give it a read.
  • Bloglines Mobile Beta — Bloglines Kelvin Nishikawa lets us know that the Bloglines Beta has gone mobile. You can access it at and take advantage of new features like an improved Start page, the ability to Pin (aka Keep It New) and pagination. The Classic version of Bloglines, which is the one I’m still using, isn’t available over there yet, but the guys assure us it will be there soon.
  • OpenID – Bloglines Beta and Bloglines Classic will both now support OpenID, where a user can create an identity online and then use that identity at any OpenId-supported site. If you’re not sure what OpenId is, you can go read Rob Emanuele’s entry on the subject, or, if you do know, you can head on over to and get started.

Is Facebook Just a Fad?

Last week it was rumored that Microsoft was offering Facebook $300-$500 million for a small percentage stake, and this week Steve Ballmer is making waves calling Facebook "faddish" and saying it’s not much more advanced that GeoCities. How quickly the rumor tide turns.

My favorite Steve Ballmer on Facebook quote is this:

"There can’t be any more deep technology in Facebook than what dozens of people could write in a couple of years. That’s for sure."

Oh, that Microsoft. Always so arrogant. When will Microsoft understand that it’s not (always) the technology that will make something successful, it’s the users and the community that forms around it. This is something Facebook definitely has. I mean, I’m not saying that Facebook is going to be around in 20 years and look exactly the way it does today, but Facebook is more than a fad. It’s going to take a network that is considerably better in order to get me to switch. Why? Because my entire network of friends is already using it. You can’t move one of us without moving the entire herd.

Fun Finds

Donna spills the beans that SEO job board SEO Vacancies now comes with an RSS feed to help search marketers keep better tabs on the new opportunities available to them. It’s like job hunting 2.0!

Over on Sphinn, Todd Mintz wants to know why there’s been so little coverage of the SMX conference going on in Denver. Sorry, friends, that’s what happens when Bruce doesn’t sent me to a show. ;)

Pronet Advertising shows how Conde Nast is using Reddit. Mmm, Reddit.

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3 Replies to “Successful SEO, Bloglines 3 Releases, Facebook As a Fad & Fun Stuff”

Bob — We typically use our SEO Newsletter to keep people informed about upcoming search conferences. I believe the Denver show was mentioned in our last 3-4 editions.

But you’re right, we could have mentioned it in the blog, as well. I’ll try and be better about that in the future! If only for you slow Colorado people. :)

Todd Mintz wants to know why there’s been so little coverage of the SMX conference going on in Denver.

Yeah, but you could have at least mentioned it. I didn’t even hear about it until yesterday… making it a little late to attend.

You have to help us Colorado people out – we are a little behind.

But Lisa, how can you doubt the prognostication skills of Mr Balmer? Didn’t he claim that MSN would surpass Google in search market share in 6 months by throwing coders at it? Look at them now… oh wait… :p


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