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March 27, 2006

Which Adwords is it anyway?

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Guest Entry by Cindy Turrietta, SEM Analyst–Bruce Clay, Inc

While many people understand the relationship between Google AdWords and the Google partner and content networks, I find there are many who do not. Even professionals from within the search marketing industry can become confused when they read information for instance about ads needing to be reviewed.

To clarify, changes to ads appear in the Google search results almost instantaneously. However, Google AdWords ads can appear in a number of places besides the Google search results.

First they can, and probably will, show in the search results of many if not all of Google’s partner network including sites such as AOL, EarthLink, and Netscape Netcenter. Since each of the partners have their own editorial policies, and because the content network of Google AdSense publishers has its own guidelines, the ads must be reviewed and approved before they are sent out to the partner and/or content networks. This is where there could be a time lag.

Inside AdWords
offered this tip when changing ads: "Rather than editing an ad, consider leaving that ad as-is — and then create a second ad (with your desired changes) in the same Ad Group as the original ad. Then, let both ads run until the new ad has been reviewed and approved. At this point, if it turns out that the new ad is performing better than the original, it may be time to delete the original." My advice would be to create a reminder for yourself to check them every week until you are ready to take one down.

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