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June 28, 2005

New Brand of SEO?

According to Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Watch, there is a new brand of SEO coming to town. Google is planning on releasing personalized search which orders your search results based on things you have searched for in the past. So, exactly how would that work? According to Google, it would work like this: For […]

June 27, 2005

Google Releases Streaming Video Search

Yesterday, John Batelle confirmed that Google will be releasing a video search program today, Monday June 27. Google Video allows you to search through television videos as well as user submitted videos. Some of the questions Batelle raises in his discussion concerning Google Video include: what type of payment options will be in place for […]

June 24, 2005

I used Google to…

Today’s entry is a fun one! According to Google Blogoscoped, if you type into Google: “I used Google to”, you get a list of different topics which people have entered into Google search. Some of them are pretty standard such as using Google for homework or finding locations but others are pretty funny including using […]

June 23, 2005

Google Launches Enterprise Desktop Search

Google has launched Enterprise Desktop Search which “helps you easily manage the ever-growing mountain of information located on your computers and includes key standards-based administrator features that provide enhanced security, centralized configuration and easy company-wide deployment”. And, not only does it do the things just mentioned, but it does them at no cost to you–it […]

June 22, 2005

WebMaster World 2005: Super Session

Barry, aka Rusty Brick from Search Engine Roundtable, reported on a session held at the WebMaster World conference with some of the biggest names in SEO, Bruce Clay included, of course. The session was moderated by Brett Tabke and some of the other names on the panel included Mike Grehan of Smart Interactive Ltd, Daron […]

Google Wallet: Fact or Fiction?

On June 20th, I reported on the rumors that Google is introducing its own version of Paypal called Google Wallet. Today there is more on this news strand. According to Marketing Vox, Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) said that in no way was Google planning on competing with Paypal with the introduction of their electronic […]

June 21, 2005

MSN Jumps on the Map Wagon

According to Marketing Vox, MSN is releasing a beta-version of its local search function. This new function will access Yellow and White page directories for specific regions. It is projected that local search listings will be mainly utilized by mobile phone users who need information on the fly. It was also reported that local search […]

June 20, 2005

Yahoo Index Updating Tonight

Just a quick entry to inform everyone that Yahoo has announced that they are going to update their index tonight. The title for this index updating has not yet been released. This is the second weather update, the first was in April (April 1) and was called the Tim update as Tim Mayer from Yahoo, […]

Google Wallet to Compete with PayPal

The industry buzz this morning is that Google is planning on competing with Paypal by introducing its own form of an electronic payment system called Google Wallet. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google Wallet would be similar to Paypal and would allow people to pay for online purchases through electronic funds transfer through their […]

June 17, 2005

Yahoo Better at Getting Visitors: AOL Better at Keeping Them

According to Marketing Vox and specifically, a study done by Nielsen Ratings, Yahoo attracts more visitors than Google, MSN or AOL but does not keep its visitors as long as AOL does. Yahoo had 97 million visitors in May who spent an average of 3 hours on the site. AOL, on the other hand, had […]

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