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March 2, 2007

Friday Recap: Caveman and Cuddles Edition

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First, a special find for Kim: ABC is developing a new pilot based on the endearing Geico cavemen. Hopefully, this will help wean Kim off her unhealthy obsession with Ms. Dewey. At least now she has a new target.

Speaking of targets, having a Facebook account makes you one. This video tells you everything you didn’t know about Facebook’s privacy policy. After watching it, I am suddenly very fearful for Rae Hoffman’s safety.

I’m also fearful for Barry Schwartz. Barry spotted a Red Bull car while driving around New York and decided to take a picture of it with his Treo. While still driving! Barry, please be careful. It would take ten bloggers to replace you.

Separated-at-birth ShoeMoney and Darren Rowse participated in Daily Blog Tips’ Bloggers Face-Off. I think the face-off was interesting but I can’t remember. They are seriously identical twins.

Google Blogoscoped went through the Hollywood rolodex to decide Who’d Play Who In “Google: The Movie”. Their casting is totally on point. Jack Black would make an excellent Matt Cutts.

Phil Lenssen helped me to put a name to my life goal. I wasn’t sure what to call it before, but I now know I want to be “the google” of snarky brunette bloggers who don’t work for Rand Fishkin. What do you think? Attainable?

TheGypsy put his Photoshop skills to work and created an inspired depiction of everyone’s favorite SEO playboy, Chris Hooley. You want the Hooleycorn wall-sized, don’t you? Yeeeah, you do!

When I was 14, “fashionable” was wearing my varsity soccer jersey to school on Fridays and knowing I was cooler than everyone else. Ten years later fashionable is sporting a baby bump provided by this group. I way prefer the old definition.

It may be near impossible to explain search engine optimization to a small child, but explaining Earth is simple – it’s that planet the humans live on. Humans like Sadie.

New pictures of BFFs Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz emerged this week. Aren’t they adorable? Cuddles for everyone!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in my apartment late at night? Hit play and then close your eyes. Swat and Jack Jack are big talkers. I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in over a year.

A warning to our Aussie readers: Get out now! Duncan Riley took a quick glimpse at Google Maps for Sydney and discovered several of your largest buildings are on the verge of falling over. Run!

After’s complaint that their Google pen flatlining, Google went ahead and sent them a replacement, as well as a letter of apology. See, you can’t one-up Google, retard.

Words cannot express how badly I want this stool. Unfortunately for me, I have more furniture than I do apartment. Sigh.

The Daily Mail has the exclusive video of that skydiver who fell 12,000ft after his parachute didn’t open and lived. The best part of the video is not his freefall, nor his goodbye to the world. The best part is when his idiot friend stands over him and asks if it hurts anywhere. No, moron, it tickled. Don’t skydive with idiots, people.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

  • This guy’s job totally sucks. Even faux tranquilizer darts have to hurt.
  • I don’t care how much fun Susan had in Japan over winter break. Japanese people scare me.
  • Beer catapulting: Because people really are that lazy.
  • These are actually really cool plants. My ex-fi and I had one that sprouted and said “I Love You”. But then it died.
  • DIY robot rides are not a good idea. I’m pretty sure this guy is dead after being smashed into the unforgiving concrete.
  • People like putting their cats in things. This is bizarre to me. I spend far more time then I’d care to admit taking Jack Jack OUT of random objects (the sink, filled bathtubs, large bowls, the trash, medicine cabinets), that I don’t really understand the humor of staging it.
  • Look, its Susan’s wedding cake!
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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Caveman and Cuddles Edition”

  1. Nathania Johnson writes:

    Officially my favorite post of the week. of all blogs. anywhere.

  2. Rae writes:

    Thanks for that Lisa… yes, take my favorite past time and SCARE THE PISS OUT OF ME FOR USING IT. ;-) See facebook for those ramifications. :)

  3. Lisa writes:

    Nathania — Officially my favorite commenter. On all blogs. Everywhere. Huzzah!

    Sorry, Rae! Your name was the first thing that came to mind after watching that. :) Don’t un-friend me!

  4. Kim Krause Berg writes:

    Get out! Really? I’m stoked about this, but fear that they’ll remove the quirky behavior. And, the music in the airport commercial (I bought the CD) in combo with the body movements of the caveman make it magical. It may not survive TV-land, but I’m going to be watching anyway. I don’t watch much TV (like 2 shows) because its so repetitious and boring. Cavemen would be welcome.

  5. Susan Esparza writes:

    Remind me never to stay home on Friday’s. Clearly the power goes to your head.

  6. Lisa writes:

    Someone’s just disgruntled because she didn’t get to leave her snarky and unwelcomed comments all over my Recap.

    I didn’t miss you today, but Darren did. He left you a sweet note on your desk, along with a math equation on the board to figure out. Don’t hurry back.

  7. Brian Laks writes:

    Wow. That lucky skydiver video was incredible… good find.

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