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April 20, 2007

Friday Recap 04/20/2007

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Pardon the lateness of this week’s Recap; we were having some technical issues. It’s totally not my fault.

It’s raining here in California and people are confused. They had to put away their open toe shoes, dig out the umbrella, make sure their houses weren’t falling, and relearn to drive all before getting to work this morning. It’s a virtual crisis out here. Personally, I enjoy a good rainy Friday. It perfectly complements the It’s-Friday-So-Let’s-Just-Take-A-Nap mindset I’ve always got going. Anyone want to come and nap with me?

I know someone who doesn’t: Stoney deGeyter. He’s all about How to Make Fridays Productive Again. What’s that about? C’mon, Stoney, you’re making the rest of us look bad. Work on Fridays? Bah! No good can come of that.

The best way to spend a Friday, particularly a rainy one, is to watch unstoppable viral videos such as The Landlord. I don’t find Will Ferrell amusing; however, his 2-year-old trash-talking daughter has a bright future ahead of her.

Matt McGee decided to have a little fun on other people’s behalf today and compiled a list of Celebrity SEO Look-A-likes. Apparently, I look a lot like Paz Vega, whom I’ve never heard of (her Google Image Search is totally NSFW). Being that Matt is so into look-a-likes I thought it only fair to run a picture of him through the MyHeritage’s Face Recognition software and see who he most resembles. So who does Matt look like? Forest Whitaker.

Looking good, Matt. :)

Need proof that cats are smarter than humans? Watch this kitty handle a forced gym session. [That cat is my hero. –Susan] Need more proof? Have you ever seen a cat eat out of a litter box? Enough said.

In other fun news, Bokardo declared blogs the new resume. Huzzah! Trying to make myself sound intelligent on paper is exhausting. If you’re interested in hiring me, I’d much rather you check out the BC blog, realize I’m not intelligent (but I am hilarious), and decide based on that. It allows us to just skip over the point in our relationship where we both pretend to be people we’re not.

Over at Inside Microsoft, Nathan Weinberg uncovers a ad that uses the image of a very young Bill Gates. Don’t worry; he only moderately looks like a deranged serial killer interested in skinning you and wearing you as a jacket.

Also from Nathan, will the real Andrew Goodman please stand up? I mean, seriously people. You can’t all claim to be Andrew. How obvious.

Adam Lasnik says he’s had it with tipping. That’s what happens when you work for Google. You start to expect the free meals/laundry service/treadmill access and then the little things like slipping your waitress an extra $3 really start to get on your nerves. Damn, Googlers. I guess he’s right though; tipping does suck.

Phil Lenssen informs us that you can often find copyrighted movies on Google Video by spelling the name of the movie backwards. Phil says a search for "knarc" will bring up the movie Crank. Fun. I wonder if my query for "2skcudythgimeht" will work? Only one way to find out.
Looking for a gift to scare your aging mother? How about a blood puddle pillow? Nothing says Happy Mothers’ Day like making your mother think you’ve been brutally slain gangster style.

Or forget about your mother. Why not give your child a completely disgusting and somewhat inappropriate toy? Everyone loves Milky.

Andrew Kirk says people need to be told they suck. It sounds like Andrew is my kind of guy. Susan, you suck! I’m kidding, I’m kidding; I heart Susan.

If you’re tired of annoying phone prompts when all you want to do is tell your cable company that you’ve changed your damn address, Dial A Human lets you bypass the crazy robot people to quickly reach the crazy humans. Unfortunately, you’ll still probably be put on hold for 30 minutes. Such is life.

Wikipedia makes itself useful by explaining this whole 2nd cousin three times removed thing. Be honest; you never understood how that worked either.

The West Virginia Surf Report (What? You’ve never heard of them?) issued Fast Foods: Ads vs. Reality, contrasting what fast food is advertised to look like and what it really looks like. The results were completely unappetizing and loaded with trans fat.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:


I heard a rumor that today is Jennifer Laycock’s birthday. Happy Birthday, new friend! :) [Happy Birthday! –Susan]

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3 responses to “Friday Recap 04/20/2007”

  1. Jennifer Laycock writes:


    If no one acknowledges it, I can still pretend I’m 29!

    (Oh yeah, and Elisabeth Osmeloski turned 30 first…she’s a whole day older than me. :-P )

  2. Rae writes:

    LMAO… what is this? National women of SEO turn 30 year? I’m coming up on my 3-0 next month. Happy birthday Jennifer and EO. :-)

  3. Stoney writes:

    Did someone say nap? I’m all about Friday naps. Did I leave that off my list? Crap… revisions coming soon!

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